Games for children

Free Minecraft 1.9 Game
Minecraft 1.9
Move into the world of Minecraft for resources, ...
Free Garry's Mod free Game
Garry's Mod free
If you like the online games where you can move around ...
Free Five Nights at Freddy's 5: Sister Location Game
Five Nights at Freddy's 5: Sister Location
Welcome to your first day at your new and exciting ...
Free Fifa 2012 Game
Fifa 2012
Play this fantastic game of football. choose the most desired ...
Free Minecraft adventure island Game
Minecraft adventure island
This time Steve is on the adventure island ...
Unity 3D
Free Hello Neighbor Game
Hello Neighbor
Enter your neighbors' houses to steal ...
Free Monster master: War letters Game
Monster master: War letters
RPG like the magic cards where you have to defeat ...
Free Spiderman 3 Game
Spiderman 3
Our hero Spiderman needs your help to save the city and get to your destination. ...
Free Disaster movie Game
Disaster movie
Play this fun fighting game based on the movie ...
Free Fight with the Barbarian Game
Fight with the Barbarian
Test your fighting skills with these barbarians ...
Free Hive Hero Game
Hive Hero
Today we have a bee warrior must defend ...
Free Fighting eggs Game
Fighting eggs
These eggs have joined the fashion of Street ...
Free Battle Lord of the Rings Game
Battle Lord of the Rings
This imitation of Gandalf must wage a fierce ...
Free Sonic saiyans Game
Sonic saiyans
Our friend Sonic has become a saiyan ...
Free Sonic on Angel Island Game
Sonic on Angel Island
Sonic arrives in a new installment in which ...
Free Hotweels car race Game
Hotweels car race
In this game the goal is to move cars without ...
Free Army SWAT Game
They have assaulted the port, you should be careful ...
Free Balloons Game
new shooting game, this time the target is the target ...
Free Hunting ducks Game
Hunting ducks
This shooting game is fun and daring, have a total ...
Unity 3D
Free Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies Game
Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies
Play this new version of Call of Duty WW2 zombies ...
Free Attack of the Ninjas massacre Chuck Norris Game
Attack of the Ninjas massacre Chuck Norris
Step into the shoes of actor Chuck Norris ...
Free Hitman Agent 47 Game
Hitman Agent 47
You're the agent 47 of the Hitman organization, ...
Free Strike Force Heroes 2 Game
Strike Force Heroes 2
great action game where you're ...
Free Macho man Game
Macho man
great platform adventure game where ...
Free Mafia man Game
Mafia man
In this game you will run into a great ...
Free Mafia showdown Game
Mafia showdown
aim and shoot all the Mafia members before ...
Free One arrow Game
One arrow
In this game you have to survive with an arrow ...
Free Blow balloons with the monkey Game
Blow balloons with the monkey
if you like this game explode balloons will please ...
Free Kill Christmas Game
Kill Christmas
Move with the killer clown who wants to kill Christmas ...
Free Assault Stickman episode 3 Game
Assault Stickman episode 3
Move with stealth choosing the actions of Stickman ...
Free Stick squad Game
Stick squad
play stickman new sniper missions. travel ...
Free Assault Game
Live a fantastic adventure with these puppets ...
Free Breaking the Bank Game
Breaking the Bank
Steal the money bank with different shapes ...
Free Hitstick rebirth Game
Hitstick rebirth
You're an assassin and your client wants ...
Free The Skull Kid Game
The Skull Kid
The man chainsaw killer returns for Halloween ...
Free Shoot the zombies Game
Shoot the zombies
this is a very bloody game where you have to bust heads ...
Free Sicarios at home Game
Sicarios at home
They have hired several thugs to kill you, but you've ...
Free Shark attacks in prehistory Game
Shark attacks in prehistory
You are a very hungry shark prehistory and your mission ...
Free War dolls snow Game
War dolls snow
live at the North Pole and some unwanted snow snowmen ...
Free Moon buggy Game
Moon buggy
You are on a space mission to the moon and part of your team of astronauts ...
Free Slash FRVR: Cutting balls Game
Slash FRVR: Cutting balls
Cut the balls of all the ball games ...
Free Warpong Game
These two soldiers are bored and want to play tennis ...
Free Starship Eleven Game
Starship Eleven
you have to take a tour with the ship you choose ...
Free The miner Game
The miner
This mining you see in the photo has fallen ...
Free Zomblast Game
in this game you have to blow all zombioes ...
Free Killing zombies with rebound bullets Game
Killing zombies with rebound bullets
In this game you have to kill all the zombies ...
Free Kill zombies with arrows Game
Kill zombies with arrows
aim and shoot with the bow to kill all the zombies ...
Free Terrifying Slenderman game Game
Terrifying Slenderman game
The faceless, slim man in a tuxedo and red tie that we all know as Slender ...
Free Slenderman in the dark Game
Slenderman in the dark
If you are a cheeky player, you may be interested ...
Free The Wanderer Vagabond Game
The Wanderer Vagabond
Play this game of the wandering bum, you will be forced ...
Free Mummies and adventures Game
Mummies and adventures
an adventure with this guy where you have to fly inside ...
Free Tankomania Game
play this game of military tanks where you have to drive ...
Free Wingo Game
Wingo has to collect all the magical bottles ...
Free Prince of War 2 Game
Prince of War 2
you are the ruler of this kingdom. and unfortunately ...
Free Last legacy Game
Last legacy
great action and adventure game where ...
Free Defends the royal castle Game
Defends the royal castle
To go to war you need a good strategy ...
Free Belial ars arcana Game
Belial ars arcana
you are in the underworld where you must battle ...
Free Bionic Game
You suffered one accident in a laboratory and nearly ...
Free Halloween night Game
Halloween night
It is the night of Halloween and the dead come to life and are wiping ...

Games for children

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Discover all our special games for boys. They are games for children of all ages. We also have a games session for girls, but in this session you can find only special games for boys, among others. We have selected the best games that we think are of interest especially for boys. Car games, action games, war games, soccer games and more that we think are more important for guys

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