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X men Games

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X-Men is one of the most successful sagas in the Marvel Universe from which today still coming new films that tell the adventures of this group of heroes. His adventures have been comics, TV series, animation series and movies. Everything is born of the idea that human evolution continues and a new branch known as the mutants, with new powers and creates amazing capabilities. Films starting with X-Men 1, to be followed by X-Men 2 to reach the most current X-Men days of the future and the past, X-Men Apocalypse.

The story tells how a teacher named Charles Xavier, a mutant with telepathic powers, forms a cavity to school where young mutants who are threatened by the rejection of the rest of humanity. Mutants are seen as a danger so they are in the shade, but Xavier with your school wants to create a balance between mutants and humans. To do so creates a team of mutants, which originally began with Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Archangel and Jean Grey. These would fight another mutant called Magneto that before the rejection of humanity seeking revenge, something that did not sit with the idea of ​​joining Xavier.

Many are the mutants that have passed through the X-Men group but perhaps we always have in mind Wolverine (Wolverine), Mystique, Storm and Cyclops. The school continues to grow and welcome new guys with extraordinary powers so the saga can continue as long as the audience decide to be with them.

Games X-Men a gap for large platforms like PS2, PS3 or XBOX 360. As did hopefully, also for the mini-games that flood the network and so we have created this category to see everyone. Follow the adventures of the X-Men can manage your favorites. The most numerous are those with Wolverine, Wolverine, starring and it is one of the most beloved by the public. Go on helping mutants in these fantastic games that we offer you!

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