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Urban street Games

Urban street Games

The streets can be a tough place to live, depending on where you live these areas can be an authentic YMS hell if you try to become a hero. Intentarn mafias bands or destroy before you jeopardize their operations, for it must be strong and face them with all your might.

Choose the weapon used to know better and fight them, you can use melee weapons or fire to it. You can even get to catch the enemies that you delete, delete few ms longer be your reputacinyms feared sers.

But this does not mean that the mafias are scared because the higher your reputation murderers appear by larger caliber to try to kill you. Each of these murderers will have a specialty at the time of killing, some knives utilizarn with great skill or objects poisoned at a single blow could be fatal.

Even some of them use hidden techniques that otorgarn ancestral powers to use to kill you.