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Free Learning with the Thundermans Game
Learning with the Thundermans
Review math with the Thundermans in a fun video ...
Free Running with the ThunderBirds Game
Running with the ThunderBirds
After receiving a distress call the astronaut's ...
Free Danger vs Thunder: Paint Game
Danger vs Thunder: Paint
For lovers of the Thundermans series and Henry ...
Free Thundermans against the villains Game
Thundermans against the villains
Help the Thundermans fight the villainous robots ...

the Thundermans

The Thundermans Games

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The Thundermans is one of the most popular television series channel Nickelodeon. The protagonists are a family of superheroes headed by Phoebe and Max Thunderman, two very different fraternal twins (boy and girl). The twins share the same superpowers but mientra Phoebe uses them to do good, Max wants to be a villain. The rest of the family compose their parents, Hank and Barb Thunderman who are retired that being superheroes and now want to have a life like a normal family. There are three more that are Nora brothers, Billy and Chloe also with different superpowers. In his four seasons they will live great adventures while maintaining their identity as a superhero secret.

Now you can live the adventures of the Thundermans as if you were one of the family in these fun games. So you do not miss any, we have created this category which encompass all games related to this family of superheroes. Now you can enjoy some games in which to carry out their fight against the villains and more relaxed puzzle and teaching, so that you learn while playing with them. Do not miss any news from The Thundermans and keep in mind this new section of the web!

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