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Free Zelda adventures Game
Zelda adventures
Delve into the world of Zelda and lives ...
Free The Legend of Zelda: Link to new outfits Game
The Legend of Zelda: Link to new outfits
Now you can create a new Link with the Legend ...
Free Zelda Seeds of Darkness Game
Zelda Seeds of Darkness
cut all the trees you find your way, but be careful ...
Free Zelda dress up Game
Zelda dress up
Our friend Zelda has to prepare for your next adventure ...
Free Zelda escapes from prison Game
Zelda escapes from prison
you have to escape from this prison that is very well controlled. ...
Free Zelda Game
interacts through a world of fantasy ...
Free Mario vs Zelda: motorcycles Game
Mario vs Zelda: motorcycles
mario and zelda face a tough race bikes. ...
Free Link in the dungeon Game
Link in the dungeon
Down to the dungeon of the dark side to fight ...

+ The Legend of Zelda Games

Free Fairy tail Game
Fairy tail
the deadliest tournament returns to your screen ...
Free Minimum wise hero tower Game
Minimum wise hero tower
Play this fun adventure based on the great Zelda ...
Free Zelda Invaders 4 Game
Zelda Invaders 4
Zelda has a tough battle with horrible ...
Free Final fantasy rpg Game
Final fantasy rpg
The famous star of the classic game Zelda ...
Free Cyber ​​zelda Game
Cyber ​​zelda
zelda has a new armor and new attacks, ...
Free Super Mario Crossover Game
Super Mario Crossover
Today we bring you a new Mario game in which ...
Free Super Mario Crossover 3.1 Game
Super Mario Crossover 3.1
Returns a new version of Super Mario ...
Free Anime Legends 24 Game
Anime Legends 24
Saiyans have had to increase their power ...
Free Anime Legends 2016 Game
Anime Legends 2016
Comes a new update Anime Legends ...
Free Anime Legends 2 Game
Anime Legends 2
We offer the second installment of Anime ...
Free Anime legends Game
Anime legends
Great fighting game with anime characters ...
Free Comic Stars Legend Game
Comic Stars Legend
Fun game based on only the stronger your favorite ...
Free Mobile Legends Game
Mobile Legends
Participate in online battles against ...
Free Pelé: Football legend Game
Pelé: Football legend
He plays soccer having as advisor ...
Free The Legend of Tarzan Game
The Legend of Tarzan
You you can not even imagine what will happen ...
Free Wrestling legends Game
Wrestling legends
Play this great wrestling game where you can choose ...
Free Football legends valentine Game
Football legends valentine
Valentine passes the best playing soccer ...
Free Sports Head Football Legends Game
Sports Head Football Legends
The sports giant heads have come to our monitors ...
Free Pokemon towering legends Game
Pokemon towering legends
Help your friends to collect the pieces of the same color, ...
Free Legend of pingpong Game
Legend of pingpong
Another game of ping pong so you can test your skills ...
Free Mario Kart Legend Game
Mario Kart Legend
Mario Kart comes back with new careers and new enemies. ...
Free Yan Loong legend Game
Yan Loong legend
Manage this samurai to kill all opponents that arise ...
Free Rocky legends Game
Rocky legends
train with rocky, one of the most prestigious ...
Free Dragon age legends Game
Dragon age legends
great fighting game where you have to face dragons ...
Free Legend of the Void Chapter 2 Game
Legend of the Void Chapter 2
great RPG where you have to create your character ...
Free Legend Warrior Game
Legend Warrior
a young man is about to discover that he is the only one to save the princess ...
Free Anime Fighters CR Sasuke Game
Anime Fighters CR Sasuke
Mnnkey D Luffy, Naruto, Ichigo ...
Free Anime Battle 2.2 Game
Anime Battle 2.2
You can not imagine the Anime Bleach fighters ...
Free Anime Battle 1.9 Game
Anime Battle 1.9
Play with your favorite characters from the world ...
Free Anime Battle 2.1 Game
Anime Battle 2.1
Anime Battle 2.1 is a great game of fight ...
Free Super Smash Flash 2 Game
Super Smash Flash 2
Super Smash Flash is an incredible ...
Free Clash of the Legends Game
Clash of the Legends
The trolls have kidnapped Disney Channel ...

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Games

How to play The Legend of Zelda free, no downloads

The legend of Zelda is one of the most representative sagas of Nintendo that has gathered millions of fans around the world Zelda. The first Zelda game released for the Nintendo NES, one of the first consoles in history. His success was very noticeable and it continued in effect going to Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo 64, and the latest Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii and Wii U. For the latter, left delivery most recently in 2016 under the title the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. But it will not be the last because it is running the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild for Wii U in 2017.

One of the most beloved games in the series is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64 came out but then has been remastered for many other platforms like PC, Wii or Nintendo 3DS. But it was not the only title to be relaunched for newer consoles are also: Zelda Majora's Mask, Zelda Wind Waker or Skyward sword which is one of the best selling games of the series.

Overall, the games tell the story of Zelda Link, a heroic boy who is destined to end the evil that reigns in Hyrule. The main enemy of Lynk and Princess Zelda, which tries to help the protagonist, is an evil Ganondorf with magical powers whose aim is to dominate Hyrule and the Triforce be done to achieve the greatest power. In general, the adventures of The Legend of Zelda revolve around three main characters: Princess Zelda, Link and Ganondorf.

On our website you can find many flash games The Legend of Zelda with Link as a protagonist. Games with history and many other versions that have the protagonists of this saga as header. Enjoy new Zelda games on your PC completely free and without downloading. Conducts a race against Mario Bros, escapes from prison and many other adventures with which to spend long hours of entertainment.

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