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Free Rearguard Game
you are the commander in chief of your recruits ...
Free Haters wars Game
Haters wars
great game of war where you have to make several ...
Free Lead war Game
Lead war
you and your elite team has to secure ...
Free Captain at war Game
Captain at war
a version of the great classic metal ...
Free Mercenary Game
A soldier has stolen a briefcase important ...
Free Desert Rifle Ver.2 Game
Desert Rifle Ver.2
Desert Rifle you'll become ...
Free War enemies Game
War enemies
you will be in a battlefield and must employ ...
Free Desert ambush Game
Desert ambush
your army has been caught by dark forces ...
Free The soldier wii Game
The soldier wii
Wii is a soldier very prepared for war but will have to prove ...
Free Gunman Game
Manage this restless soldier and shoot ...
Free Mechanical soldier Game
Mechanical soldier
play this great game of war and platforms where ...
Free Soldiers with bazookas Game
Soldiers with bazookas
You#39;re in the middle of a war and all you have to fight ...
Free Soldier Way Game
Soldier Way
Complete Soldier Way's mission ...

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Free Dress: gi joe Game
Dress: gi joe
Enjoy yourself changing clothes ...
Free War on monsters Game
War on monsters
Start an exciting war against the monsters ...
Free Second World War 1944 Game
Second World War 1944
This war game is based on the Second ...
Free Afghanistan elite soldier Game
Afghanistan elite soldier
You have been trained to be the best flooring ...
Free Last war elite Game
Last war elite
this is a military strategy game where you have to send your soldiers ...
Free Relic of War Game
Relic of War
Welcome to Relic of War, the war game of relics. ...
Free 100 men Game
100 men
you have passed a war, you are the only man in your crew that is still ...
Free Gangster mayhem 2 Game
Gangster mayhem 2
playing the second part of gangster mayhem ...
Free Cobra rescue squad Game
Cobra rescue squad
great strategy game where you have to put your soldiers ...
Free Struggle between powerful tanks Game
Struggle between powerful tanks
Step into any war with the best tanks, the best opponents ...
Free Soldier number 11 Game
Soldier number 11
you are the only soldier left alive of your military ...
Free Fighting agent Game
Fighting agent
Play this fun action game based on the movie ...
Free Mini wars Game
Mini wars
Command your troops to fight the invincible ...
Free Overwatch Game
Overwatch is the most feared squad by all anarchists ...
Free Field Command Game
Field Command
Delve into the Vietnam War and gets the win for your army. ...
Free Metal slug brutal 3 Game
Metal slug brutal 3
kill all enemies, whether tank, helicopters, ...
Free Elite Soldier: Jungle Game
Elite Soldier: Jungle
You have a dangerous mission in the deep jungle. ...
Free Xrossfire Game
this is a game where you have to cross ...
Free Battalion commander Game
Battalion commander
in this game of war you have to move your squad ...
Free Machine gun Game
Machine gun
these only against the dangerous German ...
Free Soldier gunbot Game
Soldier gunbot
Excellent war game where you#39;ll be a soldier ...
Free Action in town Game
Action in town
Play this fun game based on the classic play against. ...
Free Jungle war driving Game
Jungle war driving
To fight in this war in the jungle ...
Free Destroyers zombies Game
Destroyers zombies
In this game you must control a squad ...
Free NAZIS Game
Help this boy to avenge the death of his family ...
Free Nuclear artillery Game
Nuclear artillery
This game is a war fighting in the style ...
Free The four shooters Game
The four shooters
you#39;ve been caught in an ambush, defend ...
Free War of the worlds Game
War of the worlds
You are a soldier of special missions and you have been sent to a very strange ...
Free Battle Tank Game
Battle Tank
Incredible multiplayer game in which you can share ...
Free Flakmeister: War in the tank Game
Flakmeister: War in the tank
Welcome to the war! This city is in danger ...
Free Metal Slug, the last mission Game
Metal Slug, the last mission
Metal slug is back as a minigame for you to continue ...
Free Battle Fury Game
Battle Fury
If you like tower defense games, surely ...
Free Osama bin Laden Game
Osama bin Laden
the spirit of osama bin laden to come back to revenge ...
Free War christmas Game
War christmas
a stuffed green gifts they want to attack ...
Free Battle of Britain Commando Game
Battle of Britain Commando
manages this rebel soldier and play this great ...
Free Western Blitzkrieg 2 Game
Western Blitzkrieg 2
Sergeant Blitz handles and annihilate ...
Free Defend Tower 2 Game
Defend Tower 2
You#39;re in the middle of the south pole in a military ...
Free Age of Empires Game
Age of Empires
Another strategy game where you have to beat your enemy. ...
Free Battle gear 2 Game
Battle gear 2
send all military crew has to fight in the battle ...
Free Modern gladiators survival Game
Modern gladiators survival
in this game you have to try to survive ...
Free Worms: the platform war Game
Worms: the platform war
worms game where you can choose your soldiers ...
Free Sgt.mayhem Game
Sergeant Mayhen has a difficult mission ...
Free Counter Strike M4A1 2 Game
Counter Strike M4A1 2
another exciting game played Counter ...
Free Metal slug brutal Game
Metal slug brutal
kills all enemies either tanks, ...
Free Defends the royal castle Game
Defends the royal castle
To go to war you need a good strategy ...
Unity 3D
Free Masked Forces Game
Masked Forces
Embark on the dangerous world of Masked ...
Free Future Soldier Game
Future Soldier
Become an elite soldier and conducts ...


Soldiers Games

How to play soldiers free, no downloads

Wars would be nothing without these brave soldiers who are willing to give their lives for their country and humanity in view of achieving a better world for our descendants. much value is needed to enter the army and face a war you never know if you're going to come out victorious. Technical advances have helped these people to have new technologies that help them fight the rival army. In many cases, the level of development of an army determine victory. But the machine does not work by itself for now, but needs someone behind the turn. These are the soldiers and must face their missions to finish them successfully.

The most recurrent wars are those of a country, or group of allied countries against each other and there will face each other the human race. The effects are devastating, as they say, no one wins in a war, as both sides lost soldiers in their ranks. But there are also a virtual wars that will occur between the human race and arrivals creatures from outer space. To save humanity will be joined armies of soldiers to end the alien attack on earth. In a zombie apocalypse, the soldiers are best placed to help people survive because of their training in the use of weapons and strategic tactics.

In short, being a soldier is not an easy task and can be found with hundreds of fighting for those who have been previously prepared. It's your time to live what it feels like to be the protagonist of a war with these fantastic online games for your PC soldiers, as easy as getting in and play and you do not need to download the game. Take the best arsenal of weapons to destroy the enemies, stay in the rear eliminating enemies with sniper or use heavy weapons such as bazookas and rocket launchers. Bring out each mission to win the battle and ultimately the war!

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