free Skaters Games

free Skaters Games

Walk the streets aboard your Tony Hawks-style skateboard and dodge all the obstacles you find all over the streets of the city. You can also practice tricks and acrobatics with your skateboard to become a professional.

Skaters Games

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Uphill Rush
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Tony hawk flash
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Extreme skateboarding
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Free Skater Game
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Street skater
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+ Skaters Games

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Bmx park


Skaters Games

How to play skaters free, no downloads

If you've always wanted to ride a skateboard but has given you afraid to fall and get hurt, you can now start practicing this sport. Learn the basics of this world, get moving on your board wheel and attempts intrpidas maneuvers.

There are many types of movements that make your skate, if you want to become one of the best must learn to do them all. We found some simple as flip trick, which involves jumping with the board and turn to fall back on it. This trick is one of the basic in this world, never ceases to surprise the others.

Also can participate in high-level competitions, but this must be sure of your abilities and of course have to have mastered all the tricks. These competitions are more rather a exhibicin in which participants take to the track, all realizarn the same route and must combine their tricks for points in function of the difficulty.

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