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Free Pelican wimp Game
Pelican wimp
Pelican wimp humor is in game where you have to shit on the cars on the road. ...
Unity 3D
Free Shitting people: Muddy Heights Game
Shitting people: Muddy Heights
Play as Fernanfloo in the game Muddy Heights ...
Free Olympic service Game
Olympic service
Olympics services are saturated and you have recommended ...
Free Sweeper clean caca Game
Sweeper clean caca
Fantastic game like minesweeper classic in which ...
Free Flappy shit Game
Flappy shit
The ass has to get to the toilet ...
Free Pigeon's Revenge Game
Pigeon's Revenge
this bird that you see in the photo has been mistreated ...
Free Where do I urinate? Game
Where do I urinate?
In this simulator game where you have to urinate ...
Free Service: humorous video Game
Service: humorous video
Here's a great video that is sure you will laugh ...

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Free Humorous video: I stuck Game
Humorous video: I stuck
We bring you a video that is sure will bring ...
Free Shoot poop Game
Shoot poop
Play this fun game humor where you have to shoot ...
Free Noisy farts Game
Noisy farts
it#39;s not a very educational game that is said, ...
Free Toilet Success: I need a bath Game
Toilet Success: I need a bath
This game tries to find a bathroom before ...
Free Pou, it's time to shave Game
Pou, it's time to shave
Pou has lots of hairs on his beard ...
Free Pou and Click Game
Pou and Click
Click on the screen to get the highest ...
Free Toilet Roll Game
Toilet Roll
Toilet Roll is a mini game spend all the toilet ...
Free Facade Hide the Fart Game
Facade Hide the Fart
In this game of fart you have to help the girl to fart farting ...
Free Doodieman Bazooka Game
Doodieman Bazooka
Doodieman comes loaded with cacas ...
Free Drag toilet paper Game
Drag toilet paper
Drag all the toilet paper service to stay without ...
Free Fernanfloo games Game
Fernanfloo games
Play the Fernanfloo video game where you have to dodge ...
Free Mischief on Halloween Game
Mischief on Halloween
Halloween pranks and see. Enjoy watching ...
Free Mr. Boomba VI Game
Mr. Boomba VI
This time Mr. Boomba is going to the bus stop where ...
Free Loew is started nose hairs Game
Loew is started nose hairs
Joachim Löw need to remove hairs that looks ...
Free Doodieman rescues hostages Game
Doodieman rescues hostages
doodieman has come to the call of a threat ...
Free Wash bathrooms Game
Wash bathrooms
today we are cleaning and mom wants to help you clean ...
Free The fly Game
The fly
you blowfly and your mission is to collect ...
Free Nobita and Shizuka Game
Nobita and Shizuka
Nobita and Shizuka are in the park with a bouquet ...
Free Disgusting poop Game
Disgusting poop
Someone you forgot to flush this toilet ...
Free Doodieman the wimp hero Game
Doodieman the wimp hero
in this animation game you have to write ...
Free Wind door Game
Wind door
A very fun game that will fly in the craziest ...
Free High School Tower Defense Game
High School Tower Defense
In this game you must place all hooligans ...


Shits Games

How to play shits free, no downloads

The games are games poop humor with a nasty twist that'll have to poop and pee to complete missions they recommend.

There is a game where you're a dove and your mission is to poop on the heads of the boys and girls who roam the neighborhood. Another game wimp Pelican poop is that as the name suggests are a pelican with loose tummy and your goal is cagarte above the cars on the highway.

You see videos poop poop where will be the protagonist of a crazy adventure where a guy is looking forward to complete the cleaning of cleaning toilets to relieve himself and does not know whether it will come in time.

We also have a fun game where you have to make sweeper and your mission is to collect all the poop neighborhood before returning to throw new poop. It will give you time !.

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