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Free High school showdown Game
High school showdown
You can choose between two girls with unique ...
Free Naughty boys in school Game
Naughty boys in school
Help these kids to mess with their teachers and peers. ...
Free Teacher dress up Game
Teacher dress up
back back to school and this teacher wants to give a good impression ...
Free HighSchool 101 without copying test Game
HighSchool 101 without copying test
So you do not miss the game HighSchool ...
Free Dress the most popular girl Game
Dress the most popular girl
Help this girl is very pretty dress to be the most popular ...
Free Beam bubble gum Game
Beam bubble gum
interacts with the cursor-bubble gum on the playground of your school. ...
Free Find the differences in school Game
Find the differences in school
Today some images that reflect a situation ...
Free Mischief at graduation Game
Mischief at graduation
have a good time playing this fun game of humor ...
Free Dress schoolgirl Game
Dress schoolgirl
dress up this sexy schoolgirl, for the beginning of the school ...
Free Fight at school Game
Fight at school
This game is based on a guy who always ...
Free Barbie at school Game
Barbie at school
barbie forgotten homework at school ...
Free Fast food at school Game
Fast food at school
you have to serve food to all students and teachers ...
Free Run away from school Game
Run away from school
this girl has serious problems with his classmates and has to escape ...
Free Classroom Makeup Game
Classroom Makeup
help this girl to make up in class when the teacher ...
Free Slaps in class Game
Slaps in class
you are the teacher of this class and your mission ...
Free Antics classes Game
Antics classes
have a good time playing this fun game where ...
Free Dora clean school Game
Dora clean school
our friend Dora the Explorer you have been punished ...
Free Wrestling at school Game
Wrestling at school
In this game you have to earn the respect ...
Free Geeks kisses Game
Geeks kisses
this girl you see in the photo has to dodge ...
Free Makeup in class Game
Makeup in class
is punished girl is punished in the living and want makeup ...
Free Mischief to flirt Game
Mischief to flirt
Help this guy you see on the left side of the photo ...
Free Becomes the fun class Game
Becomes the fun class
and come back to school and it's time to talk with classmates, ...
Free Mischief: sorority Game
Mischief: sorority
play this game and humorous adventure games where ...
Free A day on secondary Game
A day on secondary
this guy you see in the picture is called ...
Free Escape from school Game
Escape from school
Step into the shoes of this girl who is punished ...
Free Detectives High School: 101 Higschool Game
Detectives High School: 101 Higschool
Higschool teacher will have already been poisoned ...
Free As cheating on a test: 101 Highschool game Game
As cheating on a test: 101 Highschool game
You did not study the subject of mathematics ...
Free Dress the beautiful teacher Game
Dress the beautiful teacher
the beautiful teacher is very vain and want to be very pretty ...
Free Master makeup Game
Master makeup
welcome to makeup school where ...

+ Schools Games

Free School-wars Game
In this game you have to use all your skills ...
Free Gumball: water rescue at school Game
Gumball: water rescue at school
gumball school is flooded and you have to rescue ...
Free Creatures pockets Game
Creatures pockets
fun game of finding objects. choose which ...
Free Escape class Game
Escape class
You've probably experienced the situation ...
Free Barbie dress up for school Game
Barbie dress up for school
We know that our friend Barbie likes to go pretty ...
Free Frozen school pranks Game
Frozen school pranks
In this game Frozen princesses have to study ...
Free Mickey mouse school Game
Mickey mouse school
Play this fun game Disneys Mickey and his friends ...
Free High school wars Game
High school wars
Higschool Wars is a strategy game where you have to make the whole ...
Free High School Tower Defense Game
High School Tower Defense
In this game you must place all hooligans ...
Free Disney princesses in art school Game
Disney princesses in art school
It has already started art classes Disney ...
Free Bad teacher Game
Bad teacher
This teacher is very angry and wants to unburden ...
Free Mathematics Game
not to forget the math here you leave a math game. ...
Free Nobita papers in the trash! Game
Nobita papers in the trash!
Nobita's mom is very angry with him because ...
Free Hideout Game
play the game of hide or as others ...
Free Driving school Game
Driving school
Play this fun game where you have to learn ...
Free School Bus License 3 Game
School Bus License 3
In this game you have to drive a school ...
Free Coke truck Game
Coke truck
are the new truck driver Coke and your mission ...
Free Yandere Simulator visual novel Game
Yandere Simulator visual novel
Yandere Simulator is a known computer ...
Free Superstar High School Game
Superstar High School
Hello girls, today we are going ...
Free El Chavo del ocho Game
El Chavo del ocho
Jirafales poor teacher! sausage helps ...
Free Fun sums Game
Fun sums
For the little kids we bring a very fun game and at the same time educational. ...
Free Flirting at school Game
Flirting at school
In this game you have to get pretty well without ...
Free SpongeBob and the school bus Game
SpongeBob and the school bus
SpongeBob is the new school bus driver Bikini ...
Free Dress around Cole Game
Dress around Cole
back to school approaching and this girl is very nervous, ...
Free Yandere simulator RPG Game
Yandere simulator RPG
Live a love story a little crazy with Yandere ...
Free Minecraft Math Quiz Game
Minecraft Math Quiz
Review the math with this fantastic game of Minecraft! ...
Free Do not get grip the phone! Game
Do not get grip the phone!
In this game you're a very naughty boy you want to load the phone ...
Free Atoms Game
uniting protons and neutrons looks ...
Free Massage school Game
Massage school
sign in massage school where you have to put yourself ...
Free The human body Game
The human body
Show your friends what you know about the parts ...


Schools Games

How to play schools free, no downloads

Missing a few minutes to complete the course that we have learned so much and have spent good times with our peers and lifemates. Do not forget to that companion that we like or that girl that makes us feel like idiots when we look or re. We will go away when the siren sounds, dodging falling geeks and the most handsome boys school.

We can remember those good times playing these fun games to schools where we tinker with our peers or lifemates. Be very careful that you do not see !, otherwise you abrirn a record and sers removed from class, which does not want to happen.

When ests punished in class we maquillaremos when the teacher does not see and will launch kisses to those boys who keep watching us. Also able to dress chemistry professor with horrible dresses for our companions were ran it.

If you are bothered by bullies, we will draw our fury and give slaps up out of the school. We will use martial arts to give him his due. We can also travel to campus to serve fast food and inflate revenues.

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