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Sara cooking class Games

Sara cooking class Games

Sara is a very nice virtual cook trying to teach us a bit as the culinary life. She likes to teach and cook delicious recipes. We can also cook from the computer in a game of culinary simulation. Sara learns recipes step by step under their supervision, so you make sure you're doing things right and not commit any fault. Sara's recipe is very wide so there are a multitude of games of cooking with Sara.

We will continue step by step all recipes Sara, that just makes you a recipe of dishes for lunch, delicious desserts and even cocktails. We always guide you in the best way you can do and prepare the recipes. With all this we will know how our kitchen and who knows, maybe you like and you become a real cook.

With the game Cooking with Sara you can learn all kinds of recipes for all occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. You can learn easy recipes like pizza, hamburger, milk shakes or ice cream. Other more complicated with more processing such as rice with chicken, lasagna, paella, etc. But it also has other specialties are cookies for all kinds of events: chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, Christmas cookies, crackers Halloween, Valentine cookies, crackers Easter, etc.

All branches of the kitchen can explore with Sara, learn their simple recipes and become a great cook like her. Maybe tomorrow is you that have your own games and can teach girls your age to make delicious recipes. Have fun while you learn in cooking with Sara!

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