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Free Trimmed beard Santa Claus Game
Trimmed beard Santa Claus
In this game you can trim the beard ...
Free Busting bubbles Christmas Game
Busting bubbles Christmas
Help Santa Claus has burst all the bubbles ...
Free Turbo santa claus Game
Turbo santa claus
Santa Claus this Christmas Eve has fallen ...
Free Christmas challenge Game
Christmas challenge
points well and kill all the Santa Claus leaving ...
Free Santa claus: platforms Game
Santa claus: platforms
interacts with santa claus in this fun platform ...
Free Santa Claus on a motorcycle Game
Santa Claus on a motorcycle
This year Santa Claus has to deliver gifts ...
Free Santa Claus: glutton Game
Santa Claus: glutton
if you want Santa Claus brings many gifts ...
Free Christmas BMX Game
Christmas BMX
Santa Claus has to win a competition bike jumps. ...
Free Santa claus: Cannon Game
Santa claus: Cannon
noel dad in this game have to sort gifts ...
Free Santa Claus: platform Game
Santa Claus: platform
Play this fun platform game where Santa Claus ...
Free Letter from santa claus Game
Letter from santa claus
Santa Claus has to distribute gifts ...
Free Santa Claus: delivers gifts Game
Santa Claus: delivers gifts
It#39;s Christmas Eve and you have to deliver presents ...
Free Santa Claus caught gifts Game
Santa Claus caught gifts
a tyrant has stolen all the gifts Santa ...
Free Santa claus 3d atv Game
Santa claus 3d atv
quads starts the engine of Santa ...
Free Santa Claus on scooter Game
Santa Claus on scooter
Help Santa deliver presents in an original ...
Free Santa claus hero Game
Santa claus hero
santa claus great game where ...
Unity 3D
Free St. Nicholas Christmas 3D Game
St. Nicholas Christmas 3D
ST Nicholas resurrects on Christmas night ...
Free Santa Claus: motorcycles Game
Santa Claus: motorcycles
Help Santa to deliver all Christmas gifts ...
Free Santa Claus distributes food Game
Santa Claus distributes food
Santa Claus helps children ...
Free Santa Claus in the beauty salon Game
Santa Claus in the beauty salon
our beloved Santa Claus wants ...
Free Santa drop Game
Santa drop
Here you have the opportunity to travel around the world, ...
Free Sled Racing Game
Sled Racing
competing in this fun sled race santa claus 3d where ...
Free Decorate the Christmas tree Ver.2 Game
Decorate the Christmas tree Ver.2
you have to decorate the Christmas tree. It is here the most beautiful ...
Free Santa Snow Rush Game
Santa Snow Rush
Our dear Santa has lost all Christmas presents ...
Free Holy spears, 2 Game
Holy spears, 2
holy spears from a cannon, as far as possible. ...
Free Santa Claus carries gifts Game
Santa Claus carries gifts
santa claus in this game you have to carry ...
Free Christmas decorate streets Game
Christmas decorate streets
This game is about objects decorate the Christmas ...
Free War christmas Game
War christmas
a stuffed green gifts they want to attack ...
Free Turbo Christmas Game
Turbo Christmas
Become Santa Claus and travels ...
Free War snowballs at christmas Game
War snowballs at christmas
some guys really want to destroy you punks ...
Free Super santa bomber Game
Super santa bomber
santa claus you need help to get into the chimneys ...
Free Parking: santa claus Game
Parking: santa claus
Help Santa to park the sleigh in the house ...
Free Santa claus in hospital Game
Santa claus in hospital
santa claus to suffered a terrible ...
Free Collect gifts Santa Claus Game
Collect gifts Santa Claus
you have to help Santa Claus to collect all the gifts ...
Free Santa's sleigh Game
Santa's sleigh
Rudolph and Santa Claus has to collect ...
Free Santa Claus VS Aliens Game
Santa Claus VS Aliens
This game is set at Christmas, is the day that Santa ...
Free Santa Claus in Paris Game
Santa Claus in Paris
is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus is at work in Paris ...
Free Santa rockstar metal xmas Game
Santa rockstar metal xmas
Would you like to play the electric guitar ...
Free Flappy christmas Game
Flappy christmas
our dear santa wants to play the famous ...
Free The train santa claus Game
The train santa claus
fly the train santas claus around ...
Free Santa Claus delivers gifts Game
Santa Claus delivers gifts
Help Santa Claus has control the sled through ...
Free Santa Claus Shop Game
Santa Claus Shop
serving all customers who enter the store ...
Free Magical christmas Game
Magical christmas
santa claus needs a cocktail ...
Free Santa claus in hospital emergency Game
Santa claus in hospital emergency
santa claus had an accident while ...
Free Santa claus in emergencies Game
Santa claus in emergencies
santa claus has had an accident on his sled and is now in emergency ...
Free Super holy land Game
Super holy land
Imitation Mario Land game but with a twist, the character ...
Free Angry Christmas Game
Angry Christmas
Santa Claus has serious problems ...

+ Santa Claus Games

Free Santa Claus Tailor Game
Santa Claus Tailor
After Christmas Eve our dear Santa needs ...
Free Super Santa and the malevolent Christmas Game
Super Santa and the malevolent Christmas
Move with Santa Claus in a magical Christmas ...
Free Christmas on wheels Game
Christmas on wheels
This year Santa Claus wants to deliver ...
Free Mini santa Game
Mini santa
Santa Claus has to collect gifts ...
Free Santa claus vs Grinch Game
Santa claus vs Grinch
Help Santa Claus to exterminate all the grinch ...
Free The Grinch Game
The Grinch
The Grinch has removed his conscience and this year he wants ...
Free My christmas room Game
My christmas room
Put the touch as you want in this house ...
Free Santa kills zombies 2 Game
Santa kills zombies 2
Santa is very moody and has a firearm. the enemies ...
Free Happy christmas Game
Happy christmas
game in which you#39;ll be in time for Christmas, ...
Free Christmas pictures Game
Christmas pictures
gives this Christmas Christmas pictures. ...
Free Christmas puzzle Game
Christmas puzzle
Santa Claus wants you to be this fun puzzle ...
Free Paint the Grinch Game
Paint the Grinch
Paint the malicious Grinch with Christmas ...

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Games

How to play Santa Claus free, no downloads

Santa Claus has the mission once a year deliver Christmas gifts to all those children of the world who have behaved well. But holy ARE trouble and needs your help to bring happiness to millions of children.

It was kidnapped along with his reindeer by an evil villain who seeks to end christmas, we have to rescue him and not just a l but all his elves. Aydalo break free from her captor, but this only serel first step to bring back Christmas. Accompanies the paunchy in a platform game and fights in which we go one by one releasing his helpers and reindeer faithful.

Get ready to see the Holy ms hard to date, armed to the teeth is about to destroy the evil villain and recover all the Christmas both crave all year. Once recovered our helpers and defeated the evil we head north pole for the gifts and we esperaruna long night scouring the globe to deliver them on time.

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