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Free Heroes warriors Game
Heroes warriors
play this fighting game where you can choose several ...
Free Super warrior Zhao Yun Game
Super warrior Zhao Yun
zhao yun is a warrior fighting to win back his girlfriend ...
Free Samurai Game
Genjuro is a samurai who is very angry that you#39;ve ...
Free Kill Bill 2 Game
Kill Bill 2
sword fighting game based on the movie ...
Free Japanese samurai Game
Japanese samurai
Play this game of fighting in the streets of Japan. ...
Free Yan Loong legend Game
Yan Loong legend
Manage this samurai to kill all opponents that arise ...
Free Samurai jack Game
Samurai jack
The Samurai Jack needs your help to complete ...
Free Rage blade Game
Rage blade
are you ready to take action in this game samurai ...
Free Samurai fights Game
Samurai fights
the best samurai of the world have brought this great ...
Free Forbidden arms Game
Forbidden arms
it all started when a nutcase killed your martial ...

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Free Pacman fight Game
Pacman fight
accompanies our friend Pacman with a new style. ...
Free Ben 10: Last Samurai Game
Ben 10: Last Samurai
ben 10 has all the skills of a true samurai ...
Free Welcome to Volcania Game
Welcome to Volcania
Volcania is a beautiful place where ...
Free Dead warriors Game
Dead warriors
Come and show how good you are with games ...
Free Lori angry Yagame Game
Lori angry Yagame
play this fighting game where you have to interact ...
Free Sniper ninja Game
Sniper ninja
You are a ninja and you have to kill your enemies ...
Free Foot ninja 3 Game
Foot ninja 3
play this fun ninja game where you have to get your girlfriend. ...
Free Armed With Wings Game
Armed With Wings
In this game you have to carry out a great ...
Free Ninja gaiden Game
Ninja gaiden
play this fighting game where you have to fight ...
Free Free karate Game
Free karate
Free Karate is a street fighting game where ...
Free Run ninja run Game
Run ninja run
you have kidnapped a band of ninjas and you#39;ve ...
Free Ninjas vs samurái Game
Ninjas vs samurái
fighting game where you are a samurai who must fight ...
Free Battle Robot Samurai Game
Battle Robot Samurai
Battle Robot Samurai is a fun game in which ...
Free Rozen Maiden Dress Up Game
Rozen Maiden Dress Up
Rozen Maiden wants you to help her dress ...
Free Naruto Battle Arena Game
Naruto Battle Arena
Immerse yourself in the great battle ...
Free 3 Foot Ninja Game
3 Foot Ninja
Youre the higher Ninja is now in school ...
Free Fight in the coliseum Game
Fight in the coliseum
fight in this game with the world more dangerous ...
Free Ben 10 ninja Game
Ben 10 ninja
Our friend Ben 10 has learned the arts of the ninja. ...
Free Hero Game
you are the best in the school with the katana. ...
Free History plow Game
History plow
Game similar to classic fight end platform, ...
Free Ninja showdo Game
Ninja showdo
Performs this epic battle between ninjas ...
Free Penguin Warriors Game
Penguin Warriors
these two penguins have to save the princess is kidnapped ...
Free Wrestling Game
Competing in the great Mexican wrestling ...
Free Power Ranger Samurai: halloweeen Game
Power Ranger Samurai: halloweeen
Power Rangers must fight against ...
Free Bubble samurai Game
Bubble samurai
Bublle samurai is a remake of a classic ...
Free Power Rangers Samurai Bow Game
Power Rangers Samurai Bow
The Power Rangers are characters that have accompanied ...
Free Bubble burst samurai Game
Bubble burst samurai
Pass colored bubbles bursting pump. ...
Free Panda samurai Game
Panda samurai
This panda has to collect all the food of the screen ...
Free Dragon Ball Fighter Of Animation Role 2.3 Game
Dragon Ball Fighter Of Animation Role 2.3
Dragon Ball Animation Role Of Fighter is a game of very special ...
Free Power Rangers: Super Samurai Game
Power Rangers: Super Samurai
Play real power ranger game where you have to save the world ...


Samuráis Games

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Versed in the art of the katana samurai knights serve a gentleman throughout his life and death, even if his master orders them die life will be removed to accomplish his will. These gentlemen have a duty to help the weak bandits and fight the demons of antiquity.

It is said that a samurai was able to finish hundred warriors solo, in ancient Japan struggles between the different lords were continuous and they also participated in their armies these exceptional soldiers who led the troops and instill value to their allies.

Such was his dominance over the sword, they were able to cut anything with it even massive rocks. He lives as their philosophy and fight for your master in countless battles against his enemies defeating the champions of the other lords. As commander of the armies of your Lord you will be involved in massive battles in which you should encourage your troops to move forward and not give up even if you exceed the enemy in number.

Now you can feel like a real samurai carrying out various missions and battles that occur in these games. One of the best known is Samurai Jack, the minigame of the animated series of the same name version. This and many more can brighten a bitter afternoon so, do not wait any longer to enjoy them!

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