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Free Pandas vs rabbits Game
Pandas vs rabbits
pandas want to go through your castle with your empire ...
Free Rabbits cooks Game
Rabbits cooks
These two bunnies are learning to cook. ...
Free Killing rabbits chernobil Game
Killing rabbits chernobil
you are in Chernobyl and there is much radioactivity ...
Free Highlander Game
Funny animation of a rabbit warriors ...
Free Armed rabbits Game
Armed rabbits
In this game you control a rabbit well-armed ...
Free Pink rabbits Game
Pink rabbits
This rabbit has a mission and you need to help collect ...
Free The wars of worlds Game
The wars of worlds
another animation of these naughty ...
Free Alien Attack Ver.2 Game
Alien Attack Ver.2
Today we bring to you a funny short ...
Free Tam Tam Hop Coloring Game
Tam Tam Hop Coloring
Enjoy coloring the scene of the famous ...
Free Bomberman: Japanese rabbits Game
Bomberman: Japanese rabbits
In this game you will carry out a war against ...
Free Where's the rabbit? Game
Where's the rabbit?
on the farm needs your help to kill the rabbits ...
Free Easter eggs Game
Easter eggs
Play this fun game where you must create your own Easter ...
Free Night of the living dead Game
Night of the living dead
Animation dedicated to some amusing bunnies, ...

+ Rabbits Games

Free Shots vegetables Game
Shots vegetables
You were a very happy rabbit on the field ...
Free Rabbit rescues the Princess Game
Rabbit rescues the Princess
in this fun adventure game you are a rabbit ...
Free Bad witch Game
Bad witch
This witch has problems. You want to get your magic ...
Free Panic in suburbia Game
Panic in suburbia
Panic in suburbia is a fantastic platform ...
Free The Illusionist Game
The Illusionist
platform game where you have to reach a specified ...
Free Where are my bunnies are? Game
Where are my bunnies are?
this farmer would have lost all his bunnies and now have to use your cunning ...
Free Create love rabbits Game
Create love rabbits
in this nice game you have the opportunity to create ...
Free Zayki 2 Game
Zayki 2
In this game you have to think like killing ...
Free Jaws Game
A short animation about a movie ...
Free Gangsta bean Game
Gangsta bean
great fighting and adventure game where ...
Free Titanic in 30 seconds Game
Titanic in 30 seconds
In this video we see the story of the Titanic ...
Free Rabbit skeletal Game
Rabbit skeletal
This little rabbit skeletal, has regained ...
Free Winni the poo and honey pots Game
Winni the poo and honey pots
Mission winni the poo in this game is to put all the honey ...
Free Nick and Judy kisses Game
Nick and Judy kisses
Judy kissing gorgeous without their ...
Free Bunny kiss Game
Bunny kiss
In this field full of eggs small rabbit ...
Free Alice escapes to Wonderland Game
Alice escapes to Wonderland
Play this fun game of movie alice in wonderland. ...
Free Basketball with rabbits Game
Basketball with rabbits
is a basketball game with players rodents. Rabbits ...
Free Gumball: richard watterson on top Game
Gumball: richard watterson on top
gumball's father, richard watterson ...
Free Collects bugs bunnys carrots Game
Collects bugs bunnys carrots
bugs bunnys have to collect carrots to have for the winter, ...
Free Bugs bunny bike Game
Bugs bunny bike
interacts with our friend Bugs Bunny on the bike. ...
Free Bugs bunny puzzle Game
Bugs bunny puzzle
try to make this puzzle looney toons. you have to put the pieces ...
Free Evil rabbits Game
Evil rabbits
prevents rabbits from invading your room, ...
Free Alice is Dead 3 Game
Alice is Dead 3
It's here the third and last part of Alice ...
Free Do not fall into the water Game
Do not fall into the water
Take this fun quiz in which two opponents ...
Free Alice is Dead 2 Game
Alice is Dead 2
The second part of this saga of games ...
Free Alice is Dead Game
Alice is Dead
You just regaining consciousness and you realize you do not remember ...
Free Make up Zootopia Game
Make up Zootopia
Make up Judy Hopps differently to these used to seeing. ...
Free Shoot the Looney Tunes Game
Shoot the Looney Tunes
Our friends in the Looney Tunes will be victims ...
Free Nesquik Game
Play this fun game of Nesquik. eliminates all the traps, ...
Free Animals Game
Feed the animals with the best food you have. ...
Free Bugs Bunny against turtle Game
Bugs Bunny against turtle
our friend Bugs Bunny is in the final of the Olympic ...
Free Rabbids time traveling Game
Rabbids time traveling
Rabbids have traveled back in time to the era of prehistory, ...
Free Happy Tree Friends - Idol moments Game
Happy Tree Friends - Idol moments
Are you ready to enjoy a new chapter ...
Free Zootopia: Painting Game
Zootopia: Painting
We have prepared a painting game where you have to paint ...
Free Happy Tree Friends - water wading for you Game
Happy Tree Friends - water wading for you
A new animation of our friends from Happy ...
Free Dress up Bugs Bunny Game
Dress up Bugs Bunny
The funniest rabbit in the Warner Bros is available ...
Free Olympics 2012: Volleyball Game
Olympics 2012: Volleyball
Choose your favorite team and win the gold medal ...
Free Blue Rabbit s Climate Chaos Game
Blue Rabbit s Climate Chaos
This guy has woken up in the bathroom ...
Free Gelato for rabbits Game
Gelato for rabbits
friendly rabbit wants to organize ...
Free Bomberman: rabbits Game
Bomberman: rabbits
playing the new game where you have to interact ...
Free Fix Judy's car in Zootopia Game
Fix Judy's car in Zootopia
Judy Hopps' police car has suffered a minor ...
Free Zootopia Dash Game
Zootopia Dash
Move with Hop, the police conejita Zootopia to find the clues ...
Free Zootopia dress up Game
Zootopia dress up
Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps want to change ...
Free Zootopia pursuit of Judy Hopps Game
Zootopia pursuit of Judy Hopps
Zootopia adventures are not over, our friend ...
Free Rabbids: Rabbids raid Game
Rabbids: Rabbids raid
Rabbids game where you have to aim and shoot ...


Rabbits Games

How to play Rabbits free, no downloads

Rabbits are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet and that is why many people adopt them as pets. In this section of our website you will find the most fun rabbit games on the net, both adorable rabbits and others not so peaceful. Many types of games, with different themes, but all starring rabbits that will make us love them or hate them.

You can not miss these fun rabbit games we have collected in this category for you. Platform games, skill games, coloring games, easter bunny games, wars games and many more, both for children and for adults. Join the adventure of these rabbits in their different games with which you will enjoy long hours of fun. Prepare your best skills to face each of the adventures that bring these games of rabbits!

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