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Free Matrix flash Game
Matrix flash
Enjoy a Matrix-like world whose ...
Free Counter strike: animation puppets Game
Counter strike: animation puppets
We bring a funny animation with which ...
Free Invaders vs puppets Game
Invaders vs puppets
This is a graphic adventure game where you#39;re ...
Free Infiltrating the Airship Game
Infiltrating the Airship
You dare to challenge the challenges of Infiltrating ...
Free Shadow running Game
Shadow running
In this game you have to run a shade ...
Free Rex Origins Game
Rex Origins
In this game you must find an exit and for this you must activate ...
Free Test dummies Game
Test dummies
car game where you are a test dummy, your mission ...
Free Puppet bike Game
Puppet bike
Play this fun game of bike where it reaches ...
Free Puppets in the Old West Game
Puppets in the Old West
great shooter where you have to kill all the stick ...
Free Puppets, Level Editor 4 Game
Puppets, Level Editor 4
Puppets in this game you have to get to the exit door with the help of your wits. ...
Free No parachute jump Game
No parachute jump
In this game you have to jump from a helicopter ...
Free Killing puppets Game
Killing puppets
Come and try this new game of first-person ...
Free Blender stickman Game
Blender stickman
in this game you have to grind to stickman ...
Free Stick gangster duel Game
Stick gangster duel
are you ready to take action !. in this game you have to survive ...
Free Xiao Xiao 9 Game
Xiao Xiao 9
Play the latest installment of Xiao Xiao, a set of puppets ...
Free The last stick Game
The last stick
great action game where you have to struggle ...
Free Fleeing the Complex Game
Fleeing the Complex
Escape the complex as Fernanfloo shows ...
Free Sloopy fight 1 Game
Sloopy fight 1
Animation of a fight in which dolls ...
Free Insight: Sniper Game
Insight: Sniper
in your times you were one of the best in the game, ...
Free Dummy Never Fails: Community Game
Dummy Never Fails: Community
Your mission is to launch these mannequins ...
Free Fightman Game
This puppet has gotten into a big problem ...
Free Shots at midnight Game
Shots at midnight
An old friend has come to you to end a threat ...
Free Cold Crime Game
Cold Crime
In this game, you have killed the president ...
Free Adventures of a Stickman Game
Adventures of a Stickman
Stickman is back with a dog mask and become ...
Free Teelonians Clan War Game
Teelonians Clan War
On an island of Gaul he lived the tribe ...
Free Dragon Ball Z Power Effect Game
Dragon Ball Z Power Effect
Overcome your battles with various enemies ...
Free Animator vs. Animation 2 Game
Animator vs. Animation 2
This is the second installment of an animated ...
Free Spider stickman 5 xmas special Game
Spider stickman 5 xmas special
interact with stickman in this special game for christmas. ...
Free Stickman superhero Game
Stickman superhero
the new stickman is now a super hero who has to save the city from evil tyrants ...
Free Fight with honor Game
Fight with honor
fighting game where you are a ninja who must avenge ...
Unity 3D
Free Turbo Dismount Game
Turbo Dismount
Turbo Dismount is a very peculiar game in that it involves ...
Free No one escapes Game
No one escapes
In this game no one should escape with life because ...
Free Goalkeeper Ragdoll Game
Goalkeeper Ragdoll
If before you stop the balls difficult when you played ...
Free Vex 3 Game
Vex 3
You dare to overcome all the challenges of Vex 3, this game is inspired ...
Free Draw a Stickman Epic 2 Game
Draw a Stickman Epic 2
Draw a Stickman is a fun game where ...

+ Puppets Games

Free Throw the bell Game
Throw the bell
Play this addictive game where you have to drive ...
Free Happy Room Game
Happy Room
Are you able to kill a Happy Room man? Happy ...
Free Potty Racers Game
Potty Racers
Potty Racers is a fun video game where ...
Free Ragdoll Achievement Game
Ragdoll Achievement
In this game you have to bust the Ragdoll ...
Free Clear Vision: Sniper Game
Clear Vision: Sniper
Aim and shoot the targets before it is too late, ...
Free Madness: Bloody Game
Madness: Bloody
play this bloody madness game where you have to choose ...
Free Stickman Army: Defenders of White House Game
Stickman Army: Defenders of White House
Stickman's army has to defend the White House ...
Free Finger vs guns Game
Finger vs guns
use your finger to tease day gift guns. ...
Free Stickman jam prison Game
Stickman jam prison
Help the puppets to escape from the maximum ...
Free Crash Test Launcher Game
Crash Test Launcher
Test the crash dummies in a Ragdoll Achievement ...
Free Guts and Glory: Stickman Game
Guts and Glory: Stickman
Stickman needs to venture into the video ...
Free Save the Mii Game
Save the Mii
In this game you have to create a Mii to challenge ...
Free Ragdoll Physics 2 Game
Ragdoll Physics 2
Becomes the US president to play this particular ...
Free Monster revolution Game
Monster revolution
game where drive a monster and you are in a city where ...
Free Stick squad Game
Stick squad
play stickman new sniper missions. travel ...
Free Breaking the Bank Game
Breaking the Bank
Steal the money bank with different shapes ...
Free Arcade Battles with Stickman Game
Arcade Battles with Stickman
Play an arcade battle with Stickman in a passionate ...
Free ¿Cross the road? Game
¿Cross the road?
in this city, no traffic lights so that people ...
Free Trollface Game
Play this unique game where you have to shoot ...
Free Prisoner clumsy: Escaping The Prison Game
Prisoner clumsy: Escaping The Prison
A judge has sentenced you to ten years ...
Free Balls and square Game
Balls and square
You have to handle a puppet in this avalanche ...
Free Stickman sniper Game
Stickman sniper
Again we offer a great shooting ...
Free Attack mustache Game
Attack mustache
Attack mustache is a game of action and adventure. ...
Free Demonic defense 3 Game
Demonic defense 3
You will have to guard and defend the castle ...
Free Stickman freestyle bmx Game
Stickman freestyle bmx
controls the new freestyle bike stickman our friend. ...


Puppets Games

How to play puppets free, no downloads

Welcome to the section of monigote games where you will find the dolls like the famous Stickman or others very similar.

These puppets were created because of their low cost when it comes to creating videogames where their graphic engine is low but they are very addictive and fun. The creators focus more on the content of the game and less on the graphics. The goal is to create good games, which please users and are not very expensive.

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