free Pucca Games

free Pucca Games

The famous doll Pucca needs your help to finally conquer her beloved Garu. Carry out the adventures of this famous character in the games of chase, run, dress, draw and color, etc. Hunt Garu and get a new record with which to challenge your friends.

Pucca Games

Free Kisses pucca Game
Kisses pucca
Free Pucca and his slingshot Game
Pucca and his slingshot
Free Pucca running Game
Pucca running
Free Jumping rope pucca Game
Jumping rope pucca
Free Pucca pursuit Game
Pucca pursuit
Free Pucca funny love Game
Pucca funny love


Pucca Games

How to play pucca free, no downloads

The Pucca, also known as Disney's Pucca is a Korean girl eleven years trying to woo Garu, a young ninja of twelve who try to dodge kissing young Pucca, but very easy it seems these two will coincide for reasons unknown, or perhaps pure coincidence.

In all games Pucca this peculiar girl appears and make every effort to kiss Garu. She is completely in love with him and try to give him a big kiss of love will never forget all thanks to our help that will help you complete all your games.

Here we will offer the best games of Pucca as before uploading to the web there are a specialist of games, and if the tests are good, then we will share with you.

Just click the mouse the game you want to play and save yourself from download or record only take place in your computer memory.

If you like Pucca sure you'll want to play these games with her. Whenever haiga a good game of Pucca the climb to not stop playing.

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