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Free Cover pou Game
Cover pou
some great clouds`re about to wet his pou rain and you have to do everything ...
Free Hospital Pou Game
Hospital Pou
the pou had to visit the hospital because he had an accident ...
Free Pou, happy birthday Game
Pou, happy birthday
is our friend`s birthday and we have pou decorate ...
Free Pou, cliff jump Game
Pou, cliff jump
pou want to spend their free time traveling ...
Free Pou, real hair cut Game
Pou, real hair cut
pou is in your salon because she wants ...
Free Pou damaged spaceship Game
Pou damaged spaceship
pou had an accident while traveling on their ...
Free Pou farm Game
Pou farm
today we will have to focus on the farm of mr. pou where ...
Free Pou adventures Game
Pou adventures
pou is away from home and now i know back helps ...
Free Pou, ear problems Game
Pou, ear problems
pou has serious ear by listening to music ...
Free Pou back home Game
Pou back home
The famous popular creature in all smartphones, ...
Free Pou on the farm Game
Pou on the farm
pou is vacationing on the farm of his uncle ...
Free Pou kitchen slacking Game
Pou kitchen slacking
pou our friend wants to be a real chef and has registered ...
Free Pou turkey cuisine for Thanksgiving Day Game
Pou turkey cuisine for Thanksgiving Day
Today is Thanksgiving and Pou needs to cook a turkey ...
Free Pou motorcycle Game
Pou motorcycle
our friend pou is enjoying the holidays riding ...
Free Pou girl in halloween Game
Pou girl in halloween
mrs. pou has been scared to death on halloween ...
Free Pou and Click Game
Pou and Click
Click on the screen to get the highest ...
Free Pou, it's time to shave Game
Pou, it's time to shave
Pou has lots of hairs on his beard ...
Free Pou bathes babies Game
Pou bathes babies
The lady and Mr. Pou have had a very crying ...
Free Pou tattoo Game
Pou tattoo
Our friend Pou has joined the fashion of tattoos ...
Free Pou, nose doctor Game
Pou, nose doctor
pou has problems with the nose and has visited ...
Free Cover pou 2 Game
Cover pou 2
our friend pou is a very strange planet ...
Free Pou pirate Game
Pou pirate
our friend pou is on a new mission ...
Free Pou playing football Game
Pou playing football
pou our friend wants to play in the world ...
Free Pou bubble Game
Pou bubble
play classic game bubble with our dear friend ...
Free Flappy pou Game
Flappy pou
pou game based on the famous game flappy ...

+ Pou Games

Free Squirrels Game
Play this addictive game where you must hunt birds ...
Free Pou clean room Game
Pou clean room
pou has to clean the house after the party ...
Free Super Mario vs Pou Game
Super Mario vs Pou
Play this new mod Super Mario where this time Pou to kidnapped ...
Free Pou, dental problems Game
Pou, dental problems
This small Pou has serious dental problems ...
Free Pou girl at the dentist Game
Pou girl at the dentist
This young Pou has eaten many goodies and always ...
Free Pou, gelatin Game
Pou, gelatin
The famous doll mobile game Pou has a great ...
Free Turkey shoot Game
Turkey shoot
Turkey shoot is a fantastic shooter ...
Free Pou kitchens Game
Pou kitchens
Our friend Pou are tired of the food provided ...
Free Caring for parakeets Game
Caring for parakeets
The protagonist of this game is called Trudy ...
Free Pelican wimp Game
Pelican wimp
Pelican wimp humor is in game where you have to shit on the cars on the road. ...
Free Angry Birds: Rio Game
Angry Birds: Rio
Play this spectacular game birds. the caged bird hunters ...
Free Pou at the dentist Game
Pou at the dentist
pou have problems with your teeth by not brushing ...
Free Pou toys Game
Pou toys
pou is helping santa claus has to fill the bag of toys for christmas. ...
Free Pou halloween scenes Game
Pou halloween scenes
in this game you have to create a very terrifying ...
Free Pou kisses on halloween Game
Pou kisses on halloween
pou our friend wants to kiss love to your girl, ...
Free Coloring the magician Pou Game
Coloring the magician Pou
Your friend Pou not only wants you to play with him, he also likes ...
Free Kisses pou Game
Kisses pou
mr. and mrs. pou pou found in physics ...
Free Pou ninja Game
Pou ninja
have a good time playing this fun game ninja ...
Free Pou love adventure Game
Pou love adventure
pou want to impress your girl by giving ...
Free Dr. pou Game
Dr. pou
pou is with the flu and had to go to hospital ...
Free Pou casting Game
Pou casting
pou helps do laundry, but be careful not to mix colored ...
Free Pou, bee sting Game
Pou, bee sting
our friend pou stung by a bee in the eye and now has very infected, ...
Free Pou, eye problems Game
Pou, eye problems
pou grandfather is very old but want to remove ...
Free Pou memory Game
Pou memory
finding a good time couples pou, you have to search ...
Free Pou bejeweled Game
Pou bejeweled
Play classic bejeweled game pou version. you have to remove ...
Free Pou dress Game
Pou dress
pou game where you can change clothes the famous ...
Free Pet care: parrots Game
Pet care: parrots
you have given a beautiful parrot and now you have to take care. ...
Free Ostrich Race Game
Ostrich Race
dispute a somewhat atypical career. ...
Free Atomic birds Game
Atomic birds
fascinating shooter. a flock of birds ...


Pou Games

How to play pou free, no downloads

This fun virtual pet is potato-shaped Pou, direct evolution of tamagochi who triumphed in the 90's here. Initially we will create our Pou putting a name and choosing whether boy or girl.

Once we have created what we appear in the kitchen of our mascot, which we will explain how to feed him taking food from the refrigerator. Caring for our Pou is the most important, we must keep him happy at all times and we must feed him when he's hungry, play with it and clean when dirty.

We may also experiment with it in the laboratory, where we can create fun concoctions that will give them our pet unexpected effects. In the room we can lay him to sleep or open the closet to change her clothes or appearance using a lot of accessories to make it more molón and make it as personal as possible. The main difference we found with the tamagochi is the online component, you can teach your pet with your friends and even if it is among the leaders can reach the Hall of Fame where they are the most original.

But our friend Pou is tired of always doing the same and therefore, in its online version, will carry out many activities that can not locked in your Smartphone or Tablet. Now you can live adventures with your Pou, do you visit the doctor or dentist, play football, ride a motorcycle, and a long list of activities. Many are the games that have Pou protagonist and do not miss any of've gathered all in this section. Get the most performance of this virtual pet with these great mini-games!

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