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Free Shoot the pirates Game
Shoot the pirates
shoot with your powerful cannon at the evil pirates ...
Free Invincible pirates Game
Invincible pirates
You#39;re a pirate who takes refuge ...
Free Pirates conquer the seas Game
Pirates conquer the seas
In this game you have to navigate pirate a pirate ...
Free Create pirate ship Game
Create pirate ship
Here we leave a game where you can create ...
Free Pirates and mechanisms Game
Pirates and mechanisms
Captain black beard is napping ...
Free Pirates: Cannon Game
Pirates: Cannon
Help the pirate captain to rescue his girlfriend ...
Free Pumps on the boat Game
Pumps on the boat
Do you remember the game of snake? because exactly ...
Free Pirate Captain Game
Pirate Captain
pirate captain wants to explore ...
Free Pirates Arctic Game
Pirates Arctic
Play this fun logic game where you have to think ...
Free Black Pearl: pirates Game
Black Pearl: pirates
sailing with black pearl and destroys ...
Free Pirates of the Caribbean: dice Game
Pirates of the Caribbean: dice
Play classic dice game against Captain Jack Sparrow. ...
Free Pirates on the high seas Game
Pirates on the high seas
you are one of the most sought pirates and have you in the middle ...
Free Fighting pirates Game
Fighting pirates
great fighting game and pirate adventures ...
Free Conquer the treasure island Game
Conquer the treasure island
send the order to attack the natives of this island. ...
Free Pirate survival Game
Pirate survival
are you ready for boarding !. the vikings ...
Free Coastal guns Game
Coastal guns
Fearsome pirate ships are coming ...
Free Water pirates Game
Water pirates
you have to jump into the lifeboat without falling ...
Free Marksmanship pirates Game
Marksmanship pirates
With this game you will get into the skin of a ruthless ...
Free Pirate Launch Game
Pirate Launch
you#39;re a pirate and you#39;ve found ...
Free Admiral caribbean Game
Admiral caribbean
It is a game in the purest style ...
Free Pirates love daisies Game
Pirates love daisies
these pirates that you see in the picture have come to a mysterious ...
Free Assassins Creed Pirates Game
Assassins Creed Pirates
Sail the seas of Assassins Creed Pirates sailing ...
Free Pirate adventure Game
Pirate adventure
This fearsome pirate needs your help to pick up your treasure ...

+ Pirates Games

Free Pirates depths Dutch Game
Pirates depths Dutch
plays another fascinating game Pirates ...
Free Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma Game
Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma
Unleash the differences of Mal and Uma in this descendants ...
Free Zombies pirates Game
Zombies pirates
Play this fun game of killing zombie pirates in Zombies ...
Free One Piece third adventure Game
One Piece third adventure
Play another fun adventure with One Piece. select ...
Free Pirates in the Caribbean Game
Pirates in the Caribbean
Pirates are loose and many boats are attacking ...
Free Rainbow monkey Game
Rainbow monkey
rainbow is in serious trouble and has to solve ...
Free Bubbles: pirates Game
Bubbles: pirates
Play classic bubble game but now with pirates. Aim the cannon ...
Free Mad Bombs Game
Mad Bombs
Play this fun game of skill. These pumps have come to life and your mission ...
Free Sunken pirate ships Game
Sunken pirate ships
Get the best fleet of pirate ships to sink enemy ...
Free Pirate vs Ninja Game
Pirate vs Ninja
Red Beard the pirate is a pissed off all the ninjas. ...
Free The Golden Gauntlet Game
The Golden Gauntlet
Delve into a real action adventure where ...
Free Jungle Wars Game
Jungle Wars
Launch grenades at the enemy pirates ...
Free One piece Game
One piece
play the game one piece. luffy has to find the treasure ...
Free Zuma pirate 2 Game
Zuma pirate 2
play classic game zuma in a new version ...
Free War galleons Game
War galleons
those in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean-law ...
Free Carnival: Pirate Costume Game
Carnival: Pirate Costume
Carnivals have started this year and today we are going ...
Free Three lines Game
Three lines
In game three lines will have to get through ...
Free Fight against pirates zombies Game
Fight against pirates zombies
The story of this game starts when a young ...
Free Disney, pirates of the caribbean Game
Disney, pirates of the caribbean
have fun with this fantastic game of the real movie ...
Free Happy tree friends, off the hook Game
Happy tree friends, off the hook
Fascinating animation in which Lumpy ...
Free Galleons Fight 2 Game
Galleons Fight 2
Conquer the seven seas with the most powerful Atlantic ...
Free Lazy town, pirate adventure Game
Lazy town, pirate adventure
lazy town has to collect all possible to fish the next level, ...
Free SpongeBob: Run with the treasure Game
SpongeBob: Run with the treasure
SpongeBob and his friend Patrick must escape ...
Free Pirates of the Caribbean, beware of crabs! Game
Pirates of the Caribbean, beware of crabs!
Captain sparrow sits on a deserted island ...
Free Defends the treasure Game
Defends the treasure
in this game you play a pirate captain and your mission ...
Free Dress up Uma Descendants 2 Game
Dress up Uma Descendants 2
Play to dress the pirate Uma of the Descendants ...
Free Zuma: pirates Game
Zuma: pirates
A classic among computer games ...
Free Crazy music Game
Crazy music
If you like music and dance crazy and fun this is your game. ...
Free The big game, Pirate Game
The big game, Pirate
God and the devil do not get along, it#39;s ...
Free Peter Pan Captain Hook trapped by Game
Peter Pan Captain Hook trapped by
Captain Hook has captured our friend Peter ...
Free Pirates Zombies Invasion Game
Pirates Zombies Invasion
Will you be able to protect the treasure ...
Free Empires pirates Game
Empires pirates
lead your pirate to victory in this war of pirates ...
Free Bejeweled: Pirate Ship Game
Bejeweled: Pirate Ship
enjoy another fun bejeweled game where ...
Free Peppa Pig Pirate Game
Peppa Pig Pirate
Peppa Pig is enjoying another fun adventure, ...
Free Pirates of the caribbean Game
Pirates of the caribbean
Dive into a pirate adventure where you are a pirate ...
Free One piece rpg Game
One piece rpg
play one piece rpg game where you have to explore ...
Free Ghost Ship of Fools Game
Ghost Ship of Fools
SpongeBob has been stuck in a ghost ship and needs ...


Pirates Games

How to play pirates free, no downloads

The most feared of the seven seas are certainly the pirates, these pirates sail the seas in search of loot that they can spend on wine and women. Pirate's life is full of dangers, but also adventure that only the bravest are able to make. Piracy has existed since the beginning of navigation and is only a practice of banditry carried out to sea. An organized group of people sailed the steps most important goods to assault ships that carry them to take the spoils.

These privateers are governed by their own rules, never fight fair and always try to trick your opponent. A good captain should know imposed on his men, as they must follow to death in their looting and pillaging. Normally a good captain because of his skills in combat is necessary, because the stronger the most respected in the world of buccaneers.

If you want with all your might the Spanish gold, ready to attack ships filled with armed soldiers who will defend their precious cargo to those who try to snatch it away. The higher the loot will be better defended, that's why if you had success in other incursions have several ships and many men to try to take the convoy to get rich.

The figure of the pirates has for many novels (Treasure Island, Sandokan, The Black Corsair, etc.) movies (the most famous and recent are those that make up the Pirates of the Caribbean saga) and games and video games. Proof of this is the large number of mini-games that we have collected in this category, all themed piracy in which you have to carry out various missions with famous pirates. Look for the treasure or defend your ship from enemy attacks, whatever your take her out mission with honor and respect the pirates ideals. Do not wait to live your own pirate adventure on our website!

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