free Penalties Games

free Penalties Games

Demonstrate your shooting skills from the penalty spot and get the win for your team. The most decisive penalties you will have to shoot in these games to win. Throw and attack balls will be your missions in championships like the World Cup, Champions, etc.

Penalties Games

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Penalties Games

How to play Penalties free, no downloads

When a foul is committed inside the goal area soccer penalty is granted, the dreaded penalty. This lack is undoubtedly the most feared by any computer because it exposes them to the possibility of very high goal and in which virtually everything depends on the goalkeeper.

Although this pressure is only on the opponent goalkeeper, but the player himself is going to take the penalty. Pulling too hard can get away from the goal, you can also try placing the ball on a square failing and hitting the bar. If you're going to throw a most important need is to be able to anticipate the goalkeeper, you must look for it in your body language to try to guess where is launched.

Likewise if you are a goalkeeper you should see the language of the player to find out where to launch, although it is quite difficult to find and if we move too soon give you a chance to correct your shot and set ourselves a goal. If you have been able to learn these concepts you are ready for the penalty.

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