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Free Obama late Game
Obama late
President Obama has to give a rally in London ...
Free Obama shots at the White House Game
Obama shots at the White House
Obama wants to unload their ...
Free President's car Game
President's car
You are the new driver of the president and you have to protect ...
Free Falling Obama Game
Falling Obama
President Barack Obama wants ...
Free Presidential paintball Game
Presidential paintball
great shooting game where the presidents ...
Free Obama in wonderland Game
Obama in wonderland
the evil red queen has kidnapped alice and beheaded ...

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Free Last game of Pigsaw Game
Last game of Pigsaw
President Obama has kidnapped the evil pigsaw, ...
Free Battleship obama Game
Battleship obama
terrorists have entered by force the White ...
Free President of the United States Game
President of the United States
Who said politics was boring? In this game you will see that it is not because ...
Free Guess Who? Presidents Game
Guess Who? Presidents
Once again the game of Who is it? Surprises ...
Free Escape: Saw vs Obama Game
Escape: Saw vs Obama
The President of the United States has locked ...
Free Terrorists vs Presidents Game
Terrorists vs Presidents
We are all very tired of the terrorist ...
Free Electoral elections 2012 Game
Electoral elections 2012
Play this fun game to launch future presidents of the United ...
Free Epic Fights with Donald Trump Game
Epic Fights with Donald Trump
Fight the team of Donald Trump or the opposite ...
Free Obama vs Romney Game
Obama vs Romney
Do you want to hit the President of the United ...
Free Motorcycle racing: Obama vs Romney Game
Motorcycle racing: Obama vs Romney
obama and romney want to play the post of chairman ...
Free Obama Guantanamo escape Game
Obama Guantanamo escape
The US president has set a trap for Obama, ...
Free Mortal Kombat with presidents Game
Mortal Kombat with presidents
The game comes with presidents like Mortal Kombat ...
Free Obama kills zombies Game
Obama kills zombies
in the White House is a nuclear attack, ...
Free Obama saves the end of the world Game
Obama saves the end of the world
He interacts with President Obama in this graphic ...
Free Escape: Obama in a strange place Game
Escape: Obama in a strange place
President Obama has been sent to a strange ...
Free Obama kisses Game
Obama kisses
Obama and his wife are enjoying a football ...
Free Obama chess Game
Obama chess
Obama chess is a fun game where you have to carry ...
Free Scope Assault Game
Scope Assault
criminals want to steal the president's house, ...
Free Mitt Romney Dress Up: President Game
Mitt Romney Dress Up: President
The former candidate for the presidential elections ...
Free Obama ball z Game
Obama ball z
the evil freezer is directed to earth to destroy ...
Free Obama ghostbusters Game
Obama ghostbusters
the world is threatened by two dangerous evil entities. ...
Free Obama hellboy Game
Obama hellboy
Rasputin#39;s evil plans to open a dimensional portal ...
Free Obama Hellboy 2: The Golden Army Game
Obama Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
President Obama once again has to save the human ...
Free Obama Van Helsing Game
Obama Van Helsing
plays another exciting game where ...
Free Spiderman vs obama: puzzles Game
Spiderman vs obama: puzzles
spiderman complete this puzzle shaking ...
Free Obama saw game 2 Game
Obama saw game 2
again the evil pigsaw has kidnapped president ...
Free Escape: Obama and the Haunted House Game
Escape: Obama and the Haunted House
Great graphic adventure game where ...
Free Laden vs Obama: tennis Game
Laden vs Obama: tennis
Play this fun game of tennis with Obama and bin Laden. ...
Free Obama in the Dark 2 Game
Obama in the Dark 2
obama must save scooby doo and his friends demonic ...
Unity 3D
Free Shooter presidents Game
Shooter presidents
Shooter Presidents is a multiplayer shooting ...


Obama Games

How to play obama free, no downloads

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America, but will always be remembered for making history by becoming the first African American president. With an unblemished career, he was presented to the president of the United States in 2008 and won in 2009, giving the presidency to the Democratic Party. Being the president of one of the most powerful countries in the world brings both good and bad because the slightest mistake networks are flooded with all kinds of memes and jokes to him. It also happens with video games and we can find Obama and former presidents of the US, holding something strange situations. In the good things we have his words are reproduced and widely sought after, as his speech at the DNC (Democratic National Convention) or his wife Michelle Obama.

On our website you can find a lot of games whose hero is Barack Obama, from games that will protect the Casablanca terrorist attacks, even his own saw games. Escape Games where leaving the Casablanca before an attack occurs with the presidential race car, Obama Ghostbusters Obama in the world of Dragon Ball Z and many more. It brings out the craziest adventures which a President of the United States must face in these minigames!

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