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Free Metal slug defense Game
Metal slug defense
if you#39;re a fan of the classic Metal Slug and are tired ...
Free Angry metal slug Game
Angry metal slug
becomes another fun game metal slug which ...
Free Metal slug Game
Metal slug
The classic game of the arcade, Metal Slug, ...
Free Metal Slug, the last mission Game
Metal Slug, the last mission
Metal slug is back as a minigame for you to continue ...
Unity 3D
Free Metal Slug Pang Game
Metal Slug Pang
The protagonist of Metal Slug has been transported ...
Free Super bros framework Game
Super bros framework
metal slug is in the world of mario to rescue ...
Free Metal slug brutal 3 Game
Metal slug brutal 3
kill all enemies, whether tank, helicopters, ...
Free Metal Slug: shots in the jungle Game
Metal Slug: shots in the jungle
play this new game metal slug where traveling in a train ...
Free Battle of Britain Commando Game
Battle of Britain Commando
manages this rebel soldier and play this great ...
Free Metal slug brutal Game
Metal slug brutal
kills all enemies either tanks, ...
Free Run metal slug Game
Run metal slug
Here you have a new version of a great ...
Free Metal Slug 2 Game
Metal Slug 2
Play this second part of the classic metal ...
Free Metal slug vs aliens Game
Metal slug vs aliens
The aliens are invading the world of metal ...
Free Metal Slug 3 Game
Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug returns to our lives so that we do not stop to have fun with their ...
Free Metal Slug 5 Game
Metal Slug 5
Who has not played Metal Slug on a slot machine? ...
Free Metal slug saves prisoners Game
Metal slug saves prisoners
metal slug has one last mission in the enemy ...
Free Metal Slug: Mario World Game
Metal Slug: Mario World
Play classic game Super Mario with slug. ...

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Free Resident Evil 7: Ebola Virus Game
Resident Evil 7: Ebola Virus
The Ebola virus has reached Resident ...
Free Robot slug Game
Robot slug
Robot Slug is quite similar to the classic ...
Free Nuclear rush Game
Nuclear rush
there is an invasion and you must save the planet ...
Free Sgt.mayhem Game
Sergeant Mayhen has a difficult mission ...
Free Slug on the beach Game
Slug on the beach
live another adventure with our dear friend slug, ...
Free Metal slug vs zombies Game
Metal slug vs zombies
our friend to ally with the enemies to protect ...
Free Metal Slug Flash Game
Metal Slug Flash
Another new release of Metal Slug arrives ...
Free Urban Specialist Game
Urban Specialist
if you like platform games and war as the metal ...
Free Captain at war Game
Captain at war
a version of the great classic metal ...
Free Save the Fallen game Game
Save the Fallen game
Action game style Metal Slug where ...
Free Intrusion Game
you are a soldier experienced in the art of war, for that reason ...
Free Fashion of girls with blue hairs Game
Fashion of girls with blue hairs
Comb the blue hair of the girls in this game that likes ...
Free Heavy metal dance Game
Heavy metal dance
We will provide the best dancing game Heavy ...
Free Mario Bros Metal Slug Game
Mario Bros Metal Slug
the evil koopa has kidnapped princess peach, ...
Free Full metal alchemist Game
Full metal alchemist
Manga series Full Metal Alchemist ...
Free Slugterra Slug Run Game
Slugterra Slug Run
The evil Dr. Blakk plans another terrible ...
Free Heavy metal rider Game
Heavy metal rider
This girl has decided to participate in a motorcycle ...
Free Santa rockstar metal xmas Game
Santa rockstar metal xmas
Would you like to play the electric guitar ...

metal slug

Metal slug Games

How to play metal slug free, no downloads

Originally created for the Neo-Geo console in 1998, was born Metal Slug 2. An action game in two dimensions where the military escuadrn Peregrine Falcons fight against General Morden, to save the world from its tyrant.

Using a good arsenal of weapons and vehicles will defeat the minions generally initially will have a gun and a knife for combat. But we can pick up a variety of weapons as we progress through the levels, also available estn unusual tanks equipped with laser guns, machine guns or anything we imagine.

The weapons we can gather we find the laser, capable of disintegrating everything in its path beam. Fire grenades, replacing the normal grenades aadindoles effect molotov cocktail.

Amuse yourself with this arcade shooter that features a long series, in which Peregrine Falcons must save the world from different enemies.

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