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Free Luigi: hidden stars Game
Luigi: hidden stars
have a good time playing this fun mini-game to find hidden ...
Free Luigi revenge Game
Luigi revenge
A new minigame brothers most famous plumbers ...

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Free Luigi shoot the zombies Game
Luigi shoot the zombies
In this game you have to shoot the zombies ...
Free Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach Game
Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach
plays another exciting adventure ...
Free Mario puzzle Game
Mario puzzle
Play this fun game of Mario where you have to join all pictures ...
Free Super Mario: Save Luigi Game
Super Mario: Save Luigi
just the evil browser and try to save your faithful ...
Free Super Mario Kart city Game
Super Mario Kart city
Super Mario is running a race but does not realize ...
Free Chef Luigi Game
Chef Luigi
You begin your career as a chef in this fantastic ...
Free Super flappy mario Game
Super flappy mario
help mario and luigi have to fly between ...
Free Mario animation Game
Mario animation
enjoy this video of our friend Mario. ...
Free Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom 04 Game
Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom 04
Enjoy this animation whose main character ...
Free Super Mario and Luigi: Coin War Game
Super Mario and Luigi: Coin War
Fun game for two players in which each will manage ...
Free Mario quad Game
Mario quad
Mario Bros comes in a new adventure in ancient ...
Free Baby Luigi Pacman Game
Baby Luigi Pacman
Pacman keeps bringing long hours ...
Free Mario jungle Game
Mario jungle
play mario jungle. Move with the arrow keys and space ...
Free Super Mario: motocross Game
Super Mario: motocross
starts the engine of the new bike Mario sprints ...
Free Mario 2 players Game
Mario 2 players
They do not stop coming new releases of one of the great ...
Free Super Mario moto gp Game
Super Mario moto gp
mario now our friend has the opportunity to rescue ...
Free Super Mario Sokoban Game
Super Mario Sokoban
the mission of this great game is to move boxes ...
Free Mario. Where is the ninja is? Game
Mario. Where is the ninja is?
Play this fun game of finding the hidden ninja. ...
Free Mario Jungle Escape 3 Game
Mario Jungle Escape 3
Mario and Luigi return to have a good time playing ...
Free Super Bandit Bros Game
Super Bandit Bros
another version of mario where ...
Free Mario and his brother Game
Mario and his brother
Mario has a brother and did not know, now has to be but you can not do it without ...
Free Super mario racing Game
Super mario racing
Play this fun game based on the Mario game mario ...
Free Super Mario: mazes Game
Super Mario: mazes
mario is enclosed in a labyrinth and needs ...
Free Mario snowy 2 Game
Mario snowy 2
Play this fun game mario in the snow where ...
Free Super Mario flash Game
Super Mario flash
Here's a classic adventure games. ...
Free Mario Adventure 2 Game
Mario Adventure 2
if yours is playing games with good graphic ...
Free Super mario world x Game
Super mario world x
game for two people, very entertaining, one has to spend ...
Free Flappy Mario and Luigi Game
Flappy Mario and Luigi
plays another addictive game flappy ...
Free Waluigi world Game
Waluigi world
Waluigi is one of the characters in the saga of Mario ...
Free Super Mario Sunshine 64 Game
Super Mario Sunshine 64
In this new Super Mario game and we bring ...
Free Mario kart 2 Game
Mario kart 2
The version of Mario on four wheels is already ...
Free The adventure of Super Mario Land Game
The adventure of Super Mario Land
another game of our plumber friend mario ...
Free Rambo bros Game
Rambo bros
World tyrants Mario kidnapped ...
Free Mario party Game
Mario party
The purpose of this game is going to interact ...
Free Mario jetski race 3d Game
Mario jetski race 3d
play this cool mario game where you participate in a racing ...
Free Mario forever flash Game
Mario forever flash
Play classic Mario where you are playing ...
Free Super Mario Kart Game
Super Mario Kart
A new installment of Super Mario is at your disposal, ...
Free Super Mario halloween Game
Super Mario halloween
You can enjoy a new adventure of the most famous ...
Free Mario glider Game
Mario glider
Enjoy this online version of Mario ...
Free Mario kart underground Game
Mario kart underground
Enjoy this animation based on two great ...
Free Mario othello Game
Mario othello
Mario Bros brings a classic board ...
Free Mario, gangster Game
Mario, gangster
Like much Mario Bros but you're tired of your old games? ...
Free Bullet bill 2 Game
Bullet bill 2
Many characters from Mario Bros games have their ...
Free Mario baby Game
Mario baby
When we say that Mario takes a lifetime ...
Free Mario war Game
Mario war
Mario War is a very classic game where you have to save as ever to his beloved ...
Free Mario in an airship Game
Mario in an airship
here we have this fantastic Mario game where there ...
Free Snowy mario Game
Snowy mario
Mario has to go rescue the princess, fire snowballs ...
Free Super mario bros Game
Super mario bros
play mario another exciting game where ...
Free Mario Bros defends Game
Mario Bros defends
Mario and Luigi will face off against a bunch ...
Free Jump with Mario 3 Game
Jump with Mario 3
Mario tries to reach the top. you will not forget ...
Free Mario triple challenge Game
Mario triple challenge
In this Mario game you have to go around ...
Free Mario and Mayan Treasure Game
Mario and Mayan Treasure
Mario, Luigi and Princess have to transport ...
Free Classic mario Game
Classic mario
Play classic mario where you have to kill all the enemies ...
Free Mario restaurant Game
Mario restaurant
our Mario opened a restaurant and is full of hungry ...
Free Mario: three stripes Game
Mario: three stripes
Play classic noughts and crosses along ...
Free Super mario rampage Game
Super mario rampage
Mario Bros is tired of having to jump over your enemies ...
Free Super Mario helicopter Game
Super Mario helicopter
Play this fun game of mario mounted in a helicopter. ...
Free Super mario star scramble Game
Super mario star scramble
Help Mario to find four stars for each stage ...


Luigi Games

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Play the games of Luigi, the brother of the most beloved plumber in the world, also claims prominence and is that if Nintendo granted him some own games or moments of glory. Now this plumber wants to leave behind the shadow of his brother to stand out for his skills and achievements. Luigi does embark on the adventures of Super Mario Bros to rescue Princess Peach and challenge Chief Bowser.

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