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Free Lego city, police Game
Lego city, police
in lego city are being committed many robberies ...
Free Build lego house Game
Build lego house
New game to decorate houses but this time with a different ...
Free Lego ultimate Spiderman Game
Lego ultimate Spiderman
Play this fun game where you have to lego spiderman ...
Free Lego, persecution christmas Game
Lego, persecution christmas
a thief has stolen all the gifts from santa ...
Free Lego star wars Game
Lego star wars
in a galaxy far far away a war between ...
Free Lego: find the hidden stars Game
Lego: find the hidden stars
In many movies, and video games the same, ...
Free Lego hulk Game
Lego hulk
moves with hulk in this action game where ...
Free Lego Batman Cars Game
Lego Batman Cars
Batman and Robin have to follow your enemies ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego: Pursuit by boat Game
Lego: Pursuit by boat
Red alert!. The prison inmates have escaped ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego City volcano Game
Lego City volcano
The Lego City Volcano is about to erupt! ...
Free Harry potter: Lego mazes Game
Harry potter: Lego mazes
harry potter helps to have found ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego City: Airplanes Game
Lego City: Airplanes
Today we are going to offer you the game of Lego planes, ...
Free Transport Lego Game
Transport Lego
Lego need to transport construction materials to rebuild ...
Free Lego zombie: towers defenses Game
Lego zombie: towers defenses
The famous Lego toys arrive in your scariest ...
Free Lego Creator dc comics superheroes Game
Lego Creator dc comics superheroes
Today we offer you a passionate game create ...
Free Deliszante puzzle: lego movie Game
Deliszante puzzle: lego movie
a good time completing this sliding puzzle lego where ...
Free Lego street skater Game
Lego street skater
you want to have some fun playing a game of skater, ...
Free Lego buildings Game
Lego buildings
In this game you can create whatever you want with Lego pizzas. ...
Free Lego sport mania Game
Lego sport mania
this lego game you have to tune your aim with the racket ...
Free Lego station Game
Lego station
Our lay friends bring us a new adventure ...
Free Puzzles lego movie Game
Puzzles lego movie
i challenge you to complete all the puzzles ...
Free Lego rescue on the ghost train Game
Lego rescue on the ghost train
live another heroic adventure in the world ...
Free Lego city Game
Lego city
enter the world of lego city where you can build ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego City: My City 2 Game
Lego City: My City 2
Delve into the new adventures of Lego City with new characters ...
Free Lego block constructor Game
Lego block constructor
in this game you have to build three ...
Free Lego sea rescue Game
Lego sea rescue
Play your adventure Lego rescuing people trapped ...
Free Lego: truck transport Game
Lego: truck transport
mounted on the transport truck to transport ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego Speed Champions Game
Lego Speed Champions
Pilot the world's fastest Lego cars in an online ...
Free Lego racing ponies Game
Lego racing ponies
play another fun lego game where you have to ride a pony for sprinting, ...
Free Lego Friends Game
Lego Friends
In this game Lego have to feed the dolphins ...
Free Lego aduna diamantele Game
Lego aduna diamantele
play this exciting lego game where you have to escape ...
Free Lego christmas Game
Lego christmas
live another heroic adventure with characters ...
Free Lego Star Wars: The Awakening Force Game
Lego Star Wars: The Awakening Force
The return of Star Wars characters characterized as classic ...
Free Lego hospital Game
Lego hospital
emmet has had a serious accident at work and is now in the hospital ...
Free Lego DC Mighty Micros Game
Lego DC Mighty Micros
Superheroes and supervillains have banded together ...
Free Lego: Rescue Helicopter Game
Lego: Rescue Helicopter
have a good time playing this fun mini game where ...
Free Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Game
Guardians of the Galaxy Lego
Play an interplanetary adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy ...
Free Lego Creator Game
Lego Creator
Create different figures Lego Lego creator. ...
Free The world of lego Game
The world of lego
in this entertaining game lego world you have to create ...
Free Legos in Santa Claus Factory Game
Legos in Santa Claus Factory
Laymen have gathered in the factory because ...
Free Lego Batman Game
Lego Batman
Get in the skin of the arch enemy ...

+ Lego Games

Free Lego Transformers Game
Lego Transformers
Move with the Transformer Optimus Prime in this new robot ...
Free Ninjago forgtten city Game
Ninjago forgtten city
Play now this new Lego Ninjago game to neutralize ...
Free LEGO: Ninjago Game
LEGO: Ninjago
play blade blade with Lego ninjas. choose ...
Unity 3D
Free Star Wars: Toon Shooters 2 Game
Star Wars: Toon Shooters 2
In a very distant galaxy there is an army called ...
Free Box Head 2 Game
Box Head 2
Shows how brave you are killing all the zombies ...
Free Lego Ninjago Game
Lego Ninjago
This is the final battle of the citadel to protect ...
Free Avengers: lego thor Game
Avengers: lego thor
feel the great power of Thor#39;s hammer ...
Free Lego Superheroes puzzles Game
Lego Superheroes puzzles
A new puzzle is available for you to enjoy ...
Free Battle Mania Game
Battle Mania
Here's another fun game of skill and memory ...
Free Lego soccer Game
Lego soccer
you have to have a lot of skill ...
Free Lego fire Game
Lego fire
lego city is on fire and now have to exercise ...
Free Lego batman coloring Game
Lego batman coloring
Now you can color lego batman with the colors ...
Free Lego Ninjago nindroids Game
Lego Ninjago nindroids
lego ninja great game where you can interact ...
Free Minecraft Legocraft Game
Minecraft Legocraft
If what you like is to play a free game in a free online ...
Unity 3D
Free Star Wars: Ultimate Rebel Game
Star Wars: Ultimate Rebel
Today we are going to offer you a passionate ...
Free Ninjago Game
In this fun game you will have to endure ...
Free The lego movie superman coloring Game
The lego movie superman coloring
Bolder colors with the colors superman ...
Unity 3D
Free Minecraft Gmod Game
Minecraft Gmod
Play this fun game of survival online game based ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles Game
Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles
Live near the wild adventures of Yoda in the world ...


Lego Games

How to play lego free, no downloads

Lego is a game of building blocks, in which its main premise is that all blocks of the different games are compatible. You can build almost anything thanks to these blocks, from a skyscraper in a city like New York to a spaceship.

But it is not just about building, as lego characters have a thousand and one faces and stories. You can create your own or use interactive video games to live incredible adventures. Many films and characters have been versioned with these fantastic puppets and have made games for both large platforms like PS3 or XBOX360 and our mini-games. Lego Star Wars, Lego Ninjago, Lego Marvel, Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Indiana Jones, etc. among others.

No doubt these cute dolls and blocks universe have adapted to the times today, even releasing a film that has managed to break records of attendance at movie theaters half the world. If you like to play with them when you were little in blocks, now you can go back to building your own world and giving life which so far was completely impossible.

For all this, I could not miss the category dedicated to Legos in our page so do not miss any of the games that we have collected about these fantastic puppets. We are convinced that the lego fever will not stop and will continue versionando fashion films so we will be looking to bring you the latest in Lego mini-games for you. Get started playing now and if you have any suggestions please send it!

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