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Free Ladies free Game
Ladies free
You#39;re bored? Now you can play totally free ladies, ...
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Indian ladies
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Ladies, big shot checkers
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Ladies Games

How to play ladies free, no downloads

This complex board game in which two opponents play with the same number of parts and should snatch unlike theirs called Damas. In l no chance, everything is based on the strategy that is reflected in the calculated moves we make to develop our game.

The gameplay is simple, initially we have 12 pieces per player and a color for each. These pieces diagonal move one space and if they can kill one or more pieces each count as an extra move, so when you reach the end of the route may have run 3 squares and eliminated two enemy pieces.

Also there wildcard parts not affect movement, these parts are obtained when achieved arrive with a record board next opponent. These wildcard pieces offer a clear advantage to the player who possesses, although not impossible to defeat. If you like strategy games and enfrntate a new challenge on the board.

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