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Free Thief on the run Game
Thief on the run
In this game you are a thief of safes ...
Free Kidnapped at the party Game
Kidnapped at the party
They have kidnapped your girl in the attic ...
Free Escape: Girl handcuffed to a pump Game
Escape: Girl handcuffed to a pump
A girl, she has been kidnapped and are shackled ...
Free Instead exhaust Game
Instead exhaust
Play this adventure and see the enigma that is enclosed ...
Free Escape with his hands tied Game
Escape with his hands tied
Today you#39;ve awakened in a room with his hands ...
Free My lovely house escape Game
My lovely house escape
this girl you see in the picture has been left locked ...
Free Gta escape Commissioner Game
Gta escape Commissioner
by a police mistake you have stopped at the station ...


Kidnapping Games

How to play kidnapping free, no downloads

In games of kidnappings have to escape your assailants with cunning and skills to escape, you have to leave the place where you are kidnapped without you catch the psychopath who kidnapped you.

They will tie you to a chair and you have to seize the opportunity when your attackers are not to begin flight. Explore the place looking for tools and weapons with which you will have to use to start the run and make it out alive.

There are different games with different stories where you have to use all your wits to solve all the puzzles and escape before it is too late. They are graphic adventure games or also known as point and click games where you will use the mouse to interact with the characters and solve the puzzles that arise throughout the flight.

If you like challenges and put approves your intelligence, we guarantee that you will enjoy playing the games of kidnapping and escape.

There is a very popular game such as Escape: Girls kidnapped where you have to get in the skin of the kidnapped and outwit the criminals to escape alive. But not only they are vulnerable to being kidnapped, so are boys and men, nothing escapes to the madness of a kidnapper who wants to take when a victim not to get up. Your mission is to disrupt their flat and make hostages can return home safely. Enjoy it!

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