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Free Horse jumps 3d Game
Horse jumps 3d
mounted on the horse and jump carraras all obstacles ...
Free Racehorses online Game
Racehorses online
Mounted on the quarter horse to start ...
Free Sofia horse runs Game
Sofia horse runs
Princess Sophia needs your help to govern ...
Free Bathing ponys Game
Bathing ponys
this pony is very dirty and needs an urgent ...
Free Christmas horse Game
Christmas horse
you are the horse Christmas and your mission is to collect ...
Free Horse care Game
Horse care
in this game you have to commit to take good care of the horses ...
Free Horse, knight and dragon Game
Horse, knight and dragon
interacts with this gentleman and his horse in search ...
Free Jumping horse Game
Jumping horse
In this game you have to train your horse ...
Free Elegant pony Game
Elegant pony
You are about to introduce your pony to a beauty ...
Free Horse rancher Game
Horse rancher
excellent game, where you have to raise ...
Free Horseback riding Game
Horseback riding
this girl you see in the picture wants to spend ...
Free Horse race Game
Horse race
Now is the time to change so race cars and as these ...
Free Racing seahorses Game
Racing seahorses
Play this fun game racing seahorses seahorses or whatever ...
Free Caring for horses Game
Caring for horses
you must ingeniártelas to care for your horse, put the shoes ...
Free Horse races Game
Horse races
We take you to a racetrack to be disputes ...
Free Chorus of horses Game
Chorus of horses
Manage choir singing horses ...
Free Animal Doctor Game
Animal Doctor
You#39;re the best veterinary this people and all come to you to cure their ...
Free Horses in the desert Game
Horses in the desert
your job is to transport water in the desert ...
Free Unicorns care Game
Unicorns care
this girl is a lover of unicorns and your mission ...
Free Bandits seeking Game
Bandits seeking
Gunmen great game where you are riding ...
Free Hippodrome Game
horse racing showjumping, interact ...
Free Jockey Game
ride the horse to ride on running the most feared ...
Free Barbie horse Game
Barbie horse
barbie was spending a few days at the ranch ...
Free Last rider Game
Last rider
a mutated dragonfly some time ago and was a fearless ...
Free Horse racing: dora vs barbie Game
Horse racing: dora vs barbie
Now you can participate in this important horse race where ...
Free Runaway horse Game
Runaway horse
Here's a game where you manage a cute animal ...
Free Sim horse keeper Game
Sim horse keeper
Win the affection of these great horses ...
Free The most wanted bandit 2 Game
The most wanted bandit 2
This great game brings a story of the West, ...
Free Adventures of knights Game
Adventures of knights
ride your horse and advancing levels battling ...
Free Racing unicorns Game
Racing unicorns
have a good time running in the race of unicorns ...

+ Horses Games

Free Little pony Game
Little pony
help this pony has to jump through the roof to get home. ...
Free Save the donkey Game
Save the donkey
In this particular donkey farm he has gone mad and do not stop running ...
Free Horse farm Game
Horse farm
have a good time playing this fun mini game to care horses. ...
Free Detective Horse Game
Detective Horse
great platform adventure game where ...
Free Caring for Ponies Game
Caring for Ponies
Take care of the ponies giving the best care to make your stay pleasant ...
Free Equestria Girls: Shooters Game
Equestria Girls: Shooters
Shoot the ponies of My Little Pony to undo the friendship ...
Free Pony caring Game
Pony caring
spends one day taking care of your dear pony. ...
Free Patrick cowboy star Game
Patrick cowboy star
Patrick is in the midst of a cwoboy contest ...
Free Skater horses Game
Skater horses
play this new game where a skater skateboard race is disputed. ...
Free Barbie dress at the ranch Game
Barbie dress at the ranch
barbie is on vacation at the ranch and wants ...
Free SpongeBob in a sea horse Game
SpongeBob in a sea horse
interacts with the arrow keys to move SpongeBob around ...
Free Frozen Elsa on horseback Game
Frozen Elsa on horseback
The princess Elsa has to travel to her father's ...
Free Steel jack Game
Steel jack
jack is a gentleman who wants to rescue his king to his daughter ...
Free My litttle pony Game
My litttle pony
It interacts through a world of fantasy ...
Free Bratz Babyz Ponyz Game
Bratz Babyz Ponyz
This time you have to create a pony Bratz ...
Free Flappy little pony Game
Flappy little pony
In this game you have to help the pony has reach ...
Free Barbie care the unicorn Game
Barbie care the unicorn
barbie in this game has to look fondly at her unicorn ...
Free Color: Barbie and horse Game
Color: Barbie and horse
have a good time playing this coloring game. You can color ...
Free Space cowboy Game
Space cowboy
This old cowboy has a space mission to carry ...
Free Wash unicorns Game
Wash unicorns
Unicorns are animals that can only be in games ...
Free The campeador cid Game
The campeador cid
game where you can color the Cid himself, his wife Jimena, ...
Free Gunshot cowboy Game
Gunshot cowboy
Play this passionate game of cowboys where you can choose ...
Free The centaur angry Game
The centaur angry
in this game you play a very pissed ...
Free Dressing the princess unicorn Game
Dressing the princess unicorn
the princess wants to take a walk with her unicorn ...
Free The unicorn in love Game
The unicorn in love
it all started when the girl decided to leave ...
Free Lego racing ponies Game
Lego racing ponies
play another fun lego game where you have to ride a pony for sprinting, ...
Free Ranch Barbie Game
Ranch Barbie
at the ranch Barbie has escaped the barn pigs, ...
Free Obama chess Game
Obama chess
Obama chess is a fun game where you have to carry ...
Free Kissing in the stable Game
Kissing in the stable
kiss your girlfriend in the stable without being ...
Free Dances with little pony Game
Dances with little pony
Play this fun little pony dance. you have to want to dance ...


Horses Games

How to play horses free, no downloads

The noblest animals are horses, born to be free and roam the plains at full speed were seen by humans as a great workforce and a great means of transportation.

It is for this very reason that domesticated to assemble and use them as means of transport, this has allowed us to travel great distances in a much shorter time. But not only they served us transport, as they could also carry goods or between steeds can carry cars or really heavy objects.

Until the invention of the train and the cars have been the only means of transportation for more than 1000 years. Today there are animals competition or exhibition, where they compete with each other in fast races where the fastest horse wins or perform exhibitions showing their skills by performing jumps over barriers or carrying out a series of elegant steps. Although they have been replaced by other means of transport, in some areas where man can not access the latest advances still using them.

Now you can enjoy online games horses performing many of these activities. Horses coloring, dressing and bathing are some of the easiest and most relaxing things you can do with this beautiful animal. For more excitement you can participate in horse racing, perform jumps or use them in persecutions in the far west. Discover a whole world is at your fingertips with this category devoted solely and exclusively to the horse. You Do not miss the opportunity to have a horse for free if only so online!

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