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all letters are repeated twice, but face down. ...
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The gormitis bring a fun game where you can test your memory ...
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Gormitis fire
The stars of this game are the characters ...

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Gormitis coloring
Gormitis come to our page so you have a good time of fun playing ...
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playing fantastic game of Bakugan. where ...


Gormitis Games

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The world Gormitis born of a toy line and animated series she then was exported to various countries emerged. The series tells the story of four children who are in the kitchen of his house a secret passage that leads them to the Temple of the elements and hence they manage to cross the barrier into a parallel world called Gorm. In this place, Toby, Nick, Lucas and Jessica leave their human to become the Lords of Nature forms. Gorm land is divided into different lands, which each are headed to our players, but soon will emerge more.

Nick will appear as the lord of the land and acquires the strength of the rocks and control these elements to their advantage. Toby is the twin brother of Nick and, at home, becomes the lord of the sea, which will give power over the rivers and seas. Lucas will be the lord of the forest and will control nature, trees and plants. Finally, there is Jessica, that lady will air and can fly and control the winds. Together they fight to keep safe the world of Gorm of bad hands and liberate the people.

Here, you will find Gormiti games with to spend a long time fun. Choose your favorite character and carries out various missions successfully to overcome the games. We have games to match Gormitis and its second version 2. In addition Gormitis others that need to control the Gormitis and successfully go a long way with obstacles. Follow the adventures of Gormitis in this section of our website!

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