free Goku dress Games

free Goku dress Games

If you're tired of always seeing Goku dressed in the orange jumpsuit, it's also time to give a radical change to his dress. Clothe the Dragon Ball with more modern clothes and more effective armor to the attacks of the saiyajin.

Goku dress Games

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goku dress

Goku dress Games

How to play goku dress free, no downloads

Now is your chance to dress up in our fantastic free Goku minigames. Our favorite hero Dragon Ball has decided to become Super Saiyan coolest of all, for it asks you for advice that you help to dress and change image completely. Only you can choose if you want to dress up Goku with an aspect of tough guy or a warrior aspect.

Choose from different clothes super warrior, accessories like sunglasses, piercings, wrist guards. We can even change the color of hair or dress differently according to their different states of Super Saiyan. Will you be able to get a radical change in our hero?

Seeing the change that is suffering Goku, his wife Chichi being left behind so you'll also help to make you feel up to the changes in her husband. When the couple is fully up to date, they can defend the Earth with style and all those enemies will wonder how space can seem so amazing and incredible.

This does not end here, because you have to dress Goku and his friends who also want that help to be the last. You expect a lot of fun work.

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