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Free You can not explode! Game
You can not explode!
in this game you have to think how not to exploit ...
Free Puzzles of screws Game
Puzzles of screws
The mission of this game is very simple. all you have to do is bring ...
Free Experiments Game
This is a graphic adventure game where you have to figure ...
Free Inventor in distress Game
Inventor in distress
This inventor is very skilled when it comes ...
Free Story blob 2 Game
Story blob 2
in this game there are two strange creatures ...
Free Mechanisms Game
The goal of this game is to put your skills ...
Free Successful experiment Game
Successful experiment
Tickle your welcome with this game where you have to take the cue ball to the green ...
Free Pure physics Game
Pure physics
Here's a game where you use all your wits and logic ...
Free Tests and experiments Game
Tests and experiments
Put yourself to the test and demuestrate that level ...
Free Gears and chains Game
Gears and chains
in this game of gears and chains you have to get all the gear to rotate ...

+ Experiments Games

Free Domino Game
this indian has to go home and for that you must help bring ...
Free Tripman Game
fun platform adventure game where you#39;re ...
Free Wisdom vs zombies Game
Wisdom vs zombies
the hungry zombies can cost you your life. In this game you have to kill all the zombies ...
Free Ball of ice and fire Game
Ball of ice and fire
In this game you have to collect these balls ...
Free Monsters laboratories Game
Monsters laboratories
this monster is an experiment in a science obsessed ...
Free Save the ball Game
Save the ball
if you like the challenges this mini game you like insurance ...
Free Puzzles: Logic Game
Puzzles: Logic
in this logic game you have to think about ...
Free Cannon to troll Game
Cannon to troll
aim and shoot the troll display with this powerful ...
Free Happy blocks Game
Happy blocks
these gray blocks lived in their ...
Free Isoball puzzles Game
Isoball puzzles
A new game for you to put your brain ...
Free Create race vehicle Game
Create race vehicle
create your own race car to beat all the storages. ...
Free Do not touch! Game
Do not touch!
in this game not to touch you have to overcome ...
Free Mysterious vessels Game
Mysterious vessels
In this game you have to think like water ...
Free Cyborg 2040 Game
Cyborg 2040
you are the inventor of the cyborg and now you have to put all kinds ...
Free Feed a dinosaur Game
Feed a dinosaur
this dinosaur is very hungry because his mother ...
Free Pirates Arctic Game
Pirates Arctic
Play this fun logic game where you have to think ...
Free Kill zombies mutants Game
Kill zombies mutants
Aim and kills all the zombies mutants of the screen, ...
Free Peacock hunt Game
Peacock hunt
in this indigenous tribe they are hungry and you are the only one who can help you catch ...
Free Contruyendo a car with the Smurfs Game
Contruyendo a car with the Smurfs
if you#39;re passionate about cars, ...
Free Push Here For Food Ver.2 Game
Push Here For Food Ver.2
A fun new animation featuring an animal is available ...
Free Builders Game
Put your brain training game with the builders. ...
Free Green test subject Game
Green test subject
a scientist has created a kind of mass with its own intelligence. ...
Free Mooo Cow! Game
Mooo Cow!
Test all your skill, to pull the bottle and fill it with milk. ...
Free Fighting mutant dogs Game
Fighting mutant dogs
dogfighting game where you have to mix different DNA to create ...
Free Zombies vs vampires Game
Zombies vs vampires
In this game you have to throw garlic to vampires ...
Free You're late! Game
You're late!
sandra has not heard the alarm clock ...
Free Kill rats Game
Kill rats
put all your cunning to kill these nasty rats. ...
Free Lemmings on Christmas Game
Lemmings on Christmas
lemmings become Christmas in this fun trick ...
Free Halloween head Game
Halloween head
In this game you have to put the skull ...
Free It is not for dummies Game
It is not for dummies
in this set of experiments you have to get the ball billiard ...
Free The magician Game
The magician
you're the best magician of the world and all viewers ...
Free Pancho Friend 3 Game
Pancho Friend 3
If you're a faithful follower of games ...
Free Amigo Pancho Hero Game
Amigo Pancho Hero
Terrorists have kidnapped the president and his family ...
Free Logic future Game
Logic future
Future Logic is a fun game that will remind ...
Free Scooby doo and food machine Game
Scooby doo and food machine
If you followed the adventures of our friend ...
Free Circus Game
Our mission in this game is to help this monster ...
Free Elephant sleeper Game
Elephant sleeper
This skill game will surely love. The mission ...
Free Swampy is the duck Game
Swampy is the duck
Use your intelligence to get the duck bath reunited ...
Free Inventor in danger Game
Inventor in danger
this inventor has created several weapons ...
Free Crocodiles and ducks Game
Crocodiles and ducks
plays with this cute crocodile where you have to reconnect ...
Free Connect drain pipes Game
Connect drain pipes
You#39;re the new plumber in this game and your mission ...
Free Wake up the box Game
Wake up the box
Dans ce jeu, votre mission est d'éveiller la boîte ...
Free Escape 2 Game
Escape 2
Put all your wits to escape this troubled village. ...
Free Zombie torturer Game
Zombie torturer
You're in a zombie apocalypse but your traps ...
Free Boom boom zombies Game
Boom boom zombies
The city has been overrun by zombies, barely ...
Free Jailed Game
You need to stop the escape from prison ...
Free Tom and jerry trap Game
Tom and jerry trap
As usual, the stubborn Tom Jerry wants ...
Free Kill the Creeper Game
Kill the Creeper
Creeper is that green character Minecraft ...
Free Iluminate Game
In Iluminate you have to light all the light ...


Experiments Games

How to play experiments free, no downloads

You dare to challenge all experiments games where you have to use the physics to complete the game. Ingeniártela'll need to achieve your goal, they are experiments for children pure physics. There are different games with different experiments so you can try them all.

There is a game called Experiment, is one of the most popular because they have to get a ball reaches its destination by turning gears and levers. Parce easy but it is not, you have to squeeze your logic and cunning to complete the levels in this game.

You will have a test dummy to drive a car and get to your destination avoiding obstacles. There are also games where you have to place materials such as pulleys, ropes, platforms and docks for a billiard ball reaches its destination flicking switches and triggering mechanisms.

There are many games in many different experiments with different objectives so you do not get bored of the same games. Have fun !.

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