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Elephants Games

The heavier the planet Earth ms animal is the elephant, a majestic elephant that can crush almost anything that is on its way. These huge animals have a long snout and a powerful ivory tusks to defend themselves against their enemies, because with a single blow can knock down any animal to plant them face.

But also they are animals who like to travel in packs and care for each other, especially their young. Although these noble creatures live in peace and are herbivores, their big man greed ivory tusks and is for that reason that hunt.

Although this practice is totally prohibited the black market gives them the motivation to hunt these animals, it is for this reason that the guardians of African reserves strive to the maximum to protect them. If you love these animals ests ready to become a guardian of the reserve and protect the whole thing of evil, patrol the reserve and detna evil using any method at your fingertips.

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