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Free Destruction with dynamite Game
Destruction with dynamite
in this game you have to put your cunning ...
Free Tnt for people Game
Tnt for people
in this puzzle game you have to place ...
Free Demolisher Game
you#39;re a demolition expert and you have hired ...
Free Shattering in seconds Game
Shattering in seconds
fun strategy game. you have to put dynamite in the rafters ...
Free Caver gunner Game
Caver gunner
this is some caver arsonist, because just think ...
Free Bursting bridges Game
Bursting bridges
In this game you have to act like a terrorist ...

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Free Resurrection of zombies Game
Resurrection of zombies
Resurrects the zombies to reach their ...
Free New paperboy 2 Game
New paperboy 2
playing the new game where we paperboy new levels ...
Free Tnt robots Game
Tnt robots
mechanisms great game where you have to place ...
Free Octopus with dynamite Game
Octopus with dynamite
This octopus has left the sea and needs water ...
Free Catapult bulls Game
Catapult bulls
In this game you have to throw the bull and break ...
Free Zombies tnt Game
Zombies tnt
zombies are invading the city and you have to stop planting ...
Free Tom and jerry tnt Game
Tom and jerry tnt
Play this fun game of Tom and Jerry where ...
Free Super Dynamite Fishing Game
Super Dynamite Fishing
In this game you must catch the crudest ...
Free Totem Game
Performs this adventure in search of treasures ...
Free Bursting castles Game
Bursting castles
In this game you have to blow up all the castles ...
Free Destroyer bridge Game
Destroyer bridge
the goal of this game is to destroy a bridge ...
Free Fireworks blast Game
Fireworks blast
In this game you have to throw bombs and firecrackers ...
Free Tnt zombies Game
Tnt zombies
the city is plagued by zombies and your mission ...
Free Pumps for gentlemen Game
Pumps for gentlemen
tune your aim in launching bombs to kill the knights ...
Free Zomblast Game
in this game you have to blow all zombioes ...
Free Sieger 2 Game
Sieger 2
In Sieger 2 follows the war with new goals ...
Free Dynamite to destroy the train Game
Dynamite to destroy the train
your goal is to stop the train reaches its destination ...
Free Trials 2 dynamite tumble Game
Trials 2 dynamite tumble
A new motorcycle game but this time in the form of trial. ...
Free Super Mario bomber Game
Super Mario bomber
Play classic Bomberman game, but now with the characters ...


Dynamite Games

How to play dynamite free, no downloads

When dynamite to demolish buildings is the best ally you can find, since their explosive force is devastating and can destroy the foundation easily. But this explosive is really unstable and can explode at any time, especially if it takes a while stored containing nitroglycerin may have started to evaporate making it very volatile.

All this risk increases if you take charge carriage through the desert with really high temperatures, as with any bump or pothole and you can detonate by the explosion. That is why you must go as quickly as possible but carefully, since you have a delivery date and dynamite must be at the mine in time.

If you make it and you will lack only place the explosives in the right places to open new galleries in the mine, choose carefully where to place explosives to demolish all mine not built so far. Light the fuse and wait for the loud explosion to see if there is gold underneath.

Dynamite will serve you for many missions in these games that we have collected in this section. You can destroy buildings, blow up bridges and all kinds of constructions that have to be torn down quickly and effectively. It is also a good defensive element in a war against soldiers or attack zombies hungry for fresh meat. Whatever your mission, correctly placed and make dynamite explode at the right time to achieve your goal.

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