free Drama island: cartoon network Games

free Drama island: cartoon network Games

Play with the characters of Total Drama in all its seasons. Island of the Drama, World Tour, The revenge of the Island and the rest of them. Interact with the protagonists of this reality show to get the final prize. The best Cartoon Network series comes to our website for your fun.

Drama island: cartoon network Games

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drama island: cartoon network

Drama island: cartoon network Games

How to play drama island: cartoon network free, no downloads

This program broadcast on Disney XD tells the story of 22 campers who are selected to join the contest Drama Island. In this competition must confront a series of bizarre and dangerous tests where there can only be one winner.

These campers are desvivirn to get first place because if they win the prize is 100,000 dollars. For this reason be brutal competition, including making traps are made or alen with other participants to curb potential rivals ms.

Something that sets this competition from others is that no matter the evidence you win, anyone who has spent the knockout rounds can be done with the prize and go home with cool prize. Each participant will have their own reasons to try with all their might take the prize and as tests go podrs going to learn a little more about them.

Now you have to pick your favorite character and help him win all the evidence you can to crown the victor / a.

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