free Donkey kong country Games

free Donkey kong country Games

One of the great classics of Nintendo is Donkey Kong Country, a saga of platform games whose protagonist is a gorilla and his friends, Diddy and Kong Dixie. The main is a retro game but now continue to make new versions with better graphics for game consoles like WII.

Donkey kong country Games

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donkey kong country

Donkey kong country Games

How to play donkey kong country free, no downloads

Donkey Kong is one of the few characters from Nintendo which began and ended volvindose being evil good, besides having its own line of games. In his first appearance, this burly secuestr Princess Peach Mario Gorilla and forced to climb through a series of platforms to rescue as he threw barrels.

After some early Evil Nintendo offered him the chance to switch sides and will aadi his faithful companion Diddy, that changed it all and the thrusting to take fun adventures, where fighting other animals evil like crocodiles and even appear in other games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros which led to full speed in their karts or fought a clean hit against other favorite Nintendo.

No doubt they are wild and funny characters from Nintendo ms, plays with them to be the new king of the jungle, relives his evil moments with Mario, makes racing karts or rescue one of the friends Donkey of the hands of the terrible jungle penguins.

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