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Free Autopsy Game
patients have died and you will be responsible field-work ...
Free Bitter pill the twisted stoma Game
Bitter pill the twisted stoma
Today we bring a very interesting and funny ...
Free Doctor foot Game
Doctor foot
In the foot clinic many wounded with severe ...
Free Elsa resurrecting urgency Game
Elsa resurrecting urgency
Elsa is going !. Hurry to resuscitate Elsa Frozen ...
Free Doctor minion Game
Doctor minion
this girl you see in the picture, will have an accident ...
Free Heal foot injury Game
Heal foot injury
you are the emergency physician and has come to your question ...
Free Draculaura in the ambulance Game
Draculaura in the ambulance
draculaura is on his way to the hospital ...

+ Doctors Games

Free Barney Blinddarm Game
Barney Blinddarm
Here's a simple game but very addictive once because ...
Free Bitter pill Game
Bitter pill
you become a pill and you#39;re on the stomach ...
Free SpongeBob perfect teeth Game
SpongeBob perfect teeth
SpongeBob really likes sweets ...
Free Pet hospital Game
Pet hospital
in this mini game hospitals you have to heal all the sick animals. ...
Free Brain doctor Game
Brain doctor
Welcome to the brain doctor's hospital ...
Free Ben 10 at the dentist Game
Ben 10 at the dentist
ben 10 has problems with his teeth and wants ...
Free Detective Horse Game
Detective Horse
great platform adventure game where ...
Free Animal Doctor Game
Animal Doctor
You#39;re the best veterinary this people and all come to you to cure their ...
Free Virtual Knee Surgery Game
Virtual Knee Surgery
become a first class surgeon. ...
Free Escape clinical Game
Escape clinical
you are mentally disturbed and you have to escape ...
Free Operation: Extrear objects of your body Game
Operation: Extrear objects of your body
Play this board game in a new online ...
Free Surgery Game
There is no time to operate, this man is between ...
Free 38 weeks of pregnancy Game
38 weeks of pregnancy
This mom you see in the photo takes ...
Free Broken lips Game
Broken lips
Lips broken care of this girl before suffering ...
Free Zoo keeper Game
Zoo keeper
we have a big problem in the zoo, we collapsed ...
Free Pregnant Mom Game
Pregnant Mom
Today we will take care of mom. Since ...
Free Pregnant Game
it's maternity is about to have her first ...
Free Revives the sick Game
Revives the sick
welcome to hospital where patients ...
Free Leg operation Game
Leg operation
you are the best surgeon in the hospital and today ...
Free Electroshock Game
your patients are on the brink of death and you have to use power ...
Free Operation in the Temple of Doom Game
Operation in the Temple of Doom
a witch maniac wants you to help him take away the bodies ...
Free Barbie makeup on veterinary Game
Barbie makeup on veterinary
barbie wants to visit the farm animals ...
Free Parking emergency ambulances Game
Parking emergency ambulances
You are the driver of this ambulance and your mission ...
Free Ambulance rescue Game
Ambulance rescue
In this game you have to get behind the wheel ...
Free Barbie doctor and your pets Game
Barbie doctor and your pets
Help Barbie dress for her first day of doctor ...
Free Medical Emergency Game
Medical Emergency
if you like this game medicine physician can do surgery. ...
Free Nursing animals Game
Nursing animals
They are working in a nursing animals and need care. ...
Free Stomach bitter pill Game
Stomach bitter pill
you are able to remove a pill every kind of malicious ...
Free Evie in the hospital Game
Evie in the hospital
Evie has suffered an incident while trying ...
Free Minion hospital Game
Minion hospital
the minion has made another of his and one of them has suffered ...
Free Angela pregnant, throat infection Game
Angela pregnant, throat infection
angela is in our hospital for the cure them of a serious ...
Free Ladybug Pregnant doctor visit Game
Ladybug Pregnant doctor visit
The protagonist of Prodigiosa, Ladybug adventures ...
Free Medicine for broken hearts Game
Medicine for broken hearts
In this hospital we heal all broken hearts. ...
Free Giving birth to a baby Game
Giving birth to a baby
Take the role of a midwife to help a future ...
Free Dwayne Johnson dentist Game
Dwayne Johnson dentist
Dwayne Johnson has problems with his teeth ...
Free Peppa Pig with dental problems Game
Peppa Pig with dental problems
The Cerdita Peppa has serious dental ...
Free Dress the sick girl Game
Dress the sick girl
This poor child has fallen ill and is tucked ...
Free Barbie in hospital Game
Barbie in hospital
Barbie has had an accident and has many wounds. ...
Free Minion emergency Game
Minion emergency
Famous minions are in trouble and you have to help them. ...
Free Talking tom, acidente bike Game
Talking tom, acidente bike
tom has suffered an accident while riding ...
Free Kisses nurses Game
Kisses nurses
you are very sick and the only cure is kissing ...
Free Subway surfers doctor Game
Subway surfers doctor
this guy had an accident with his skateboard ...
Free Allergy to shellfish Game
Allergy to shellfish
it`s girl is allergic to shellfish and her mom did not know. ...
Free Pou girl in halloween Game
Pou girl in halloween
mrs. pou has been scared to death on halloween ...
Free Dogs with dirty teeth Game
Dogs with dirty teeth
you`ve found this cute abandoned in the street ...
Free Transformers optimus prime failed Game
Transformers optimus prime failed
the commander of the autobots, optimus prime ...
Free Otology clinic Game
Otology clinic
Step into the shoes of a real doctor to treat ...
Free Operation Game
In this game you have to treat this person ...
Free Minion dental problems Game
Minion dental problems
another minion has dental problems ...
Free Scooby doo in hospital Game
Scooby doo in hospital
scooby doo has suffered a sharp drop where ...
Free Baby Minion at the doctor urgently Game
Baby Minion at the doctor urgently
this baby minion has suffered a terrible accident ...
Free Hello kitty doctor visit Game
Hello kitty doctor visit
our dear friend hello kity has suffered a nasty ...


Doctors Games

How to play doctors free, no downloads

Saving lives is one of the most important parts of being doctor, although in most cases only must protect the health of their patients. But in other more serious cases should carry them quirfano to save their lives, ah t's where you and your ability to save people.

Spend consultation with your patients, rectories the pequeos cuts may have suffered or give them the medicines they need to recover from an illness. You need to know to identify the symptoms of various diseases, as if they applied the wrong medication may worsen your situacine even die.

Although sometimes we must also attend to emergency patients, some of them presentarn shock or solve simple fractures due to an accident or each. But other more serious need of course cirugay t are in charge of carrying it out, you do not shake the pulse.

If you do not keep a steady hand and know the material quirfano your morirn patients, know when to cut or when to close a wound.

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