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Diego's cousin Dora the Explorer and is passionate about animals. He wants to play with us the most amazing and fun games of the saga Diego. Like its cousin, has its own cartoon series on TV entitled Go, Diego, Go !. It will explore the jungle accompanied by his inseparable animals that will help you overcome all obstacles.

Diego is a boy with very clear ideas, wants good for everyone and loves to help animals in distress to travel with his rescuers and rescue all those who need your help. It will delve into the jungle to help animals that are disorientated because of the poachers.

If you like to paint, you can also do it in a game where out Dora the Explorer and Diego Boots in the jungle. Colors with the colors you like and print it out if you liked really. Maybe you feel like dressing Diego and change the look, as always wears the same clothes. If you prefer action, do not hesitate to ride the rescue plane to travel to the Antarctic where penguins need your help. In another of his adventures, our friend Diego miss the bus to go to school and be forced to use the skateboard to get to school on time. Your journey is even more complicated when you progress.

These are some of the adventures you can live by the cousin of Dora the Explorer, also seeking its place among children. If you like the drawings of your premium, you can not miss Go, Diego, Go because it has a very similar theme with which you can continue to learn both English and Spanish. Dig into this jungle online with Diego and conseguiréis great things together!

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