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Free True Crime Zombie Game
True Crime Zombie
Delve into an apocalyptic world where ...
Free Organized crime Game
Organized crime
You've made a good haul and now all police ...

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Free Mafia city parking Game
Mafia city parking
Game mafia and conducting leading classics ...
Free Mafia vs Cops Game
Mafia vs Cops
Patrol the city in search of criminal mafia. ...
Free Mafia 3 Game
Mafia 3
Fight against organized gangs ...
Free GTA defector Game
GTA defector
Immerse yourself in the world of organized ...
Free Cold Crime Game
Cold Crime
In this game, you have killed the president ...
Unity 3D
Free Crime City 2: GTA Game
Crime City 2: GTA
Comes the second installment of Crime ...
Free Grand theft auto san andreas Game
Grand theft auto san andreas
Play another version of Grand Theft ...
Free Bully Game
In this game you are a boy roamed ...
Free GTA San Andreas Game
GTA San Andreas
Live Another thrilling adventure of Grand ...
Free Police crime Game
Police crime
Train your aim and when you are ready start ...
Unity 3D
Free GTA Crime City Game
GTA Crime City
Are you prepared to start a new life in a world ...
Free Crime Reports Game
Crime Reports
In this game you have to solve puzzles ...
Free Investigate the crime scene Game
Investigate the crime scene
see the murder and discover the real murderer. You have to investigate ...


Crime Games

How to play Crime free, no downloads

The games we have gathered in this category have different theme but all have in common crime. In some of them you will have to delve into the most important bands in the country organized to provide your services to the principals. It conducts all orders correctly to make a hole in the organization and go climbing positions to be one of the most important.

Another of our games is the True Crime in which you'll be a criminal but has been involved in a zombie apocalypse. You will now have to use all his cunning to fight the horrible creatures that roam around the city and threaten the few remaining survivors. Help our hero to get out alive in this adventure and become a true hero, leaving behind his life of crime.

One of our great games Crime Reports is where you have to get into the skin of a police officer specialized in homicides. You'll have to investigate areas of crime for clues to help you capture the murderer. You must be very aware and go spinning the tracks to get the suspect profile. Get set between grid to the greatest villains of the city that have been committing multiple murders and terrorizing the civilian population.

Sure you will interest the GTA Crime City, a version of Grand Theft Auto where you have to make your misdeeds and fleeing police when the situation demands. Enjoy the world GTA on your PC completely free and without downloading, and the Unity technology that will give more realism to your game.

Become a criminal or fight against them in these fantastic games, the decision is yours alone. Whichever one you choose, make sure your side is the winner!

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