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Free Improved chess Game
Improved chess
is not a normal chess game is improved with good graphics ...
Free Board game: The 8 Queens of Dead Game
Board game: The 8 Queens of Dead
board game, chess is a classic ...
Free Chess flash chess Game
Chess flash chess
A classic board game has virtually come to our site. ...
Free Classical chess Game
Classical chess
The classic board game with which to test your logic ...
Free Chess 3 Game
Chess 3
play the game of humanity`s oldest and is chess ...
Free New chess Game
New chess
This chess is pretty special you will not have to play a game of this classic ...
Free 3d chess Game
3d chess
Here is a fantastic 3D chessboard to enjoy ...
Free Alice in Wonderland: ladies Game
Alice in Wonderland: ladies
if you like the games of checkers, you will love this. ...
Free Junior Chess Game
Junior Chess
You dare to fight a chess battle where ...
Free Flashchess Game
if you like games of chess here we give you the opportunity ...
Free Chess pink and blue Game
Chess pink and blue
Play this fun chess pink and blue. fun beating ...
Free Chess 3d: Professional Game
Chess 3d: Professional
Jackpot wins chess to prove who is the best. ...
Free SparkChess: Chess Game
SparkChess: Chess
A classic board game comes to our page to let you enjoy ...
Free Mobile chess Game
Mobile chess
Now you can play a game of chess ...
Unity 3D
Free Anti Chess Game
Anti Chess
Are you an expert at chess? Well in this game you will not be served ...
Free Chess chess Game
Chess chess
Classical chess is available in its online ...
Free Obama chess Game
Obama chess
Obama chess is a fun game where you have to carry ...
Free Checkmate in the room Game
Checkmate in the room
You#39;ve been kidnapped and you have locked in a room. ...

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Free Ladies free Game
Ladies free
You#39;re bored? Now you can play totally free ladies, ...
Free Indian ladies Game
Indian ladies
Play classic game of checkers with new tiles ...
Free The Dominoes Game
The Dominoes
Spend a good time playing the classic game of Dominoes. ...
Free Snakes and ladders game Game
Snakes and ladders game
play the classic game of the ladder against the computer, ...
Free Checkers Game
We bring to you a great classic board ...
Free Give more Game
Give more
for he who does not know how to play this game is to kill all opponent#39;s ...
Free Three online Game
Three online
the three in a row is a very addictive ...
Free Ultimate chess Game
Ultimate chess
play this game of chess where every time you kill or get killed ...
Free Ladies, big shot checkers Game
Ladies, big shot checkers
This checkers game is based on the animated series ...


Chess Games

How to play chess free, no downloads

Chess is one of the games that more strategy and mental speed to analyze all possible moves required, it must defeat our enemy has the same parts that we sacrificing our own and anticipating their moves.

We will have different parts, first we will find pawns. These will be the piece with less value and have eight of them to move only one space forward, then we will find the towers move in a straight line all we want and which will have two.

Also with two pieces each we find the horses and the bishops, who will move jumping L-shaped and diagonal respectively and finally we find the king and queen. These two pieces are the most important because we must protect our king at all costs because if you lose eliminated, the queen may move in any direction you want all spaces while the king only may do so one at a time.

We have a variety of chess you can enjoy online free. No need to download anything on your PC, just go to play online way. You can play against the computer or look for a partner to that challenge in a chess match. Get ready for a strategy game in which every movement has an impact on the game.

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