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Free Bart skaters Game
Bart skaters
Play this fun game based on the television series ...
Free Bart simpson shooter Game
Bart simpson shooter
help bart simpson to rescue his sister Lisa of the tyrants ...
Free Bart simpsons vs zombies Game
Bart simpsons vs zombies
Bart Simpson has an enormous power, can transform ...
Free Simpsons Bart kills the wicked Game
Simpsons Bart kills the wicked
simpsons barts has a new weapon wants ...
Free Bart Simpson Dress Up Game
Bart Simpson Dress Up
Bart Simpson needs help getting dressed ...
Free Bart Simpson bike: new year Game
Bart Simpson bike: new year
bart simpson to installing improved his bike very powerful ...
Free Funny phrases of simpson Game
Funny phrases of simpson
heard the funniest quotes from The Simpsons. ...
Free Bart Simpson on bikes Game
Bart Simpson on bikes
Our friend Bart Simpson seems that is old enough ...
Free Bart kart 2 Game
Bart kart 2
our friend bart simpsons has built a kart with his own hands ...
Free Bart wanted Game
Bart wanted
Help our friend Bart Simpson has springfield eliminate ...
Free The slingshot bart Game
The slingshot bart
our friend bart simpson wants to sharpen ...
Free Bart Simpson Dress Up on Halloween Game
Bart Simpson Dress Up on Halloween
Halloween night has come to Springfield and one of the most representative ...
Free Bart Simpson in the hospital Game
Bart Simpson in the hospital
Bart Simpson has had to visit the doctor to cure his multiple ...
Free Bart simpson on a perilous journey Game
Bart simpson on a perilous journey
our dear friend bart simpsons has to travel ...
Free Bart simpsons puzzle Game
Bart simpsons puzzle
Solve this puzzle with the pieces of Simpson ...
Free Bart simpsons: fandejuegos puzzles Game
Bart simpsons: fandejuegos puzzles
For lovers of puzzles bring this new challenge ...
Free Bart simpson motorcycle quads Game
Bart simpson motorcycle quads
Bart Simpson returns to do his thing but this time aboard ...
Free Bart Simpson skateboarding through the woods Game
Bart Simpson skateboarding through the woods
Bart Simpson wants to spend their ...
Free The simpsons bart rampage Game
The simpsons bart rampage
play this game where you can choose simpsons ...
Free Simpson 3d springfield Game
Simpson 3d springfield
move for the neighbors of our friend bart simpson ...
Free Bart Simpson dress up 2 Game
Bart Simpson dress up 2
Rarely we see Bart Simpson with different clothes, ...
Free Bart Simpson in Zombieland Game
Bart Simpson in Zombieland
The ghostly monsters have taken over the city of Springfield ...
Free Bart simpson, skateboard Game
Bart simpson, skateboard
playing another fun game Simpson skateboarding. ...
Free Bart zombie Game
Bart zombie
ends this puzzle simpsons to see the final image. ...
Free The Simpsons: archery Game
The Simpsons: archery
bart simpson is practicing her aim with archery. points ...
Free Bart simpsons: motogp in the snow Game
Bart simpsons: motogp in the snow
in sprignfield it#39;s snowing but bart simpsons ...
Free Bart simpsons jumping: halloween Game
Bart simpsons jumping: halloween
help bart simpson to collect all the candy on the screen ...
Free Simpsons barts vs zombies Game
Simpsons barts vs zombies
springfield city is full of zombies and bart wants ...
Free Bart simpson defends school Game
Bart simpson defends school
christmas holidays are over and goes back to school. ...
Free Bart simpson saves maggie Game
Bart simpson saves maggie
bart simpson has to save his little sister ...
Free Bart simpson, survivals Game
Bart simpson, survivals
a massive wave of enemies close to bart simpson ...
Free Bart simpson springfield defends Game
Bart simpson springfield defends
Bart Simpson has to defend its market position ...
Free Bart simpson: motogp Game
Bart simpson: motogp
leads the new bike bart simpson springfield the streets ...
Free Bart simpson: shots Game
Bart simpson: shots
Put yourself in the shoes of Bart Simpson ...
Free Bart Simpson: Adventure Game
Bart Simpson: Adventure
Play this fun game of Bart Simpson. you pick a vehicle ...
Free Bartman the zombie terminator Game
Bartman the zombie terminator
bart simpsons has become batman because ...
Free Bart Simpson in the world of Super Mario Game
Bart Simpson in the world of Super Mario
interacts with Bart Simpson in the world of mario. ...
Free Bart simpson quad Game
Bart simpson quad
Simpson plays with Barts jumping ...
Free Motorcycle simpson Snow Game
Motorcycle simpson Snow
Bart Simpson has a new motocross bike despite the heavy ...
Free Bart simpson kaboom Game
Bart simpson kaboom
All residents of Springfield have become zombies ...
Free Bart Simpson in the BMX competition Game
Bart Simpson in the BMX competition
bart simpson has a challenge: winning the BMX competition ...
Free Bart Simpson skateboarding: naked Game
Bart Simpson skateboarding: naked
Bart Simpson and his pranks, now skateboarding through ...

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Free Bart Simpson escape from the island Game
Bart Simpson escape from the island
The Simpson family is going on holiday ...
Free Scanner Homer Simpson Game
Scanner Homer Simpson
Would you like to scan Homer Simpson ?. Now you can from this game of x rays. ...
Free Simpsons: Family puzzle Game
Simpsons: Family puzzle
The Simpson whole family have been vacationing ...
Free Guess Who? The Simpsons Game
Guess Who? The Simpsons
Who is who?. Now the player can play who's ...
Free Draw the simpsons Game
Draw the simpsons
Attention to this game that will give you some great ...
Free The magic ball simpsons Game
The magic ball simpsons
The game consists in remembering the order in which ...
Free Itchy and Scratchy Game
Itchy and Scratchy
Sure you've always wanted to feel like Bart and Lisa Simpsons ...
Free Simpsons, catches the duff 2 Game
Simpsons, catches the duff 2
we have the first part of this fun game simpsons, ...
Free Animation of the simpsons Game
Animation of the simpsons
Here you have a fantastic collection of images ...
Free The Simpson click point Game
The Simpson click point
At this point click game you have to search ...
Free Simpson star wars Game
Simpson star wars
A new parody of the most successful series ...
Free Simpsons, colors Game
Simpsons, colors
Play this fun coloring game from the television series ...
Free Lisa Simpson Saw Game
Lisa Simpson Saw
the evil kidnapped saw a smooth simpsons family ...
Free Bart Simpson and Saw Game
Bart Simpson and Saw
Play this fun game based on the movie ...
Free Dress the Simpsons Game
Dress the Simpsons
In this game you can change clothes to all the Simpson ...
Free The battle of the simpson Game
The battle of the simpson
Play this addictive game where you have to win simpson ...
Free Simpsons puzzles Game
Simpsons puzzles
if you like puzzle games this game for sure that you like because ...
Free Simpson karts Game
Simpson karts
play the new game of karts simpson where you can choose ...

bart simpson

Bart simpson Games

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Bart Simpson is one of the main characters of the Simpsons series and also one of the funniest. He is the eldest son of the marriage, is ten years and it is a rebel to his young age. Its main mission is to make mischief, teasing his sister Lisa and rile his father Homer. You not want to study and their only motivation to go to school is teasing her teacher Edna Krabappel and principal Seymour Skinner. His actions always lead to be punished but soon returned to continue their misdeeds. He is accompanied by his inseparable friend Milhouse, a rather clumsy and bespectacled who have to take the trouble boy. His most famous phrase in the series is to multiply by zero, usually directed at his father or Skinner.

His main hobbies, apart from committing mischief, are walking with his skateboard, doing painted with the spry, collecting comics of the radioactive man and watch your favorite series like the Show of Krusty the Clown and adventures of Itchy & Scratchy.

On our site you can enjoy some of these hobbies carrying Bart skateboarding through the streets of Springfield avoiding different obstacles. In these games, Bart can drive other vehicles such as motorcycles and cars so you have to help the boy because it is his first time in these means of transport. Bart's antics will take you to get involved in trouble again and the evil Pigsaw has hunted him and now must escape this sadistic character. Another of his adventures will be on a desert island, Bart will make theirs alone and lost and end up in that place. Bart Simpson Island Escape is a game in which you must use all your wits and the items you have at your disposal to find the exit and to return home with his family.

Bart Simpson will reach its most violent in some of our games where you handle different weapons to overcome enemies lurking Springfield mode. Bart killing zombies, finishing with school bullies, pulling his crossbow or slingshot inseparable. Many adventures, louder and softer as dressing and drawing the character, are available on our website. Experience first hand the antics of Bart Simpson!

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