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Free The perfect maid Game
The perfect maid
serving your customers, take orders and Bring ...
Free Bartender Game
If you liked the game of the worst ...
Free Bar girls Game
Bar girls
This cocktail bar men only come to drink delicious ...
Free Ice cream bar Game
Ice cream bar
You have the best bar in the ski resort ...
Free Bartender: Make Right Mix Game
Bartender: Make Right Mix
The worst barkeep found to work in a beach ...
Free The bar Game
The bar
You do take charge of this bar in which ...
Free Waitress at the brewery Game
Waitress at the brewery
where he works waitress many impatient ...
Free The worst taverna Game
The worst taverna
The worst bartender has had to retire and the worst ...
Free Worst bartender Game
Worst bartender
Play the worst bartender, you can make the worst ...
Free Girl in Cocktail Game
Girl in Cocktail
You're the new waitress in a night bar glasses ...

+ Bars Games

Free Fight at the bar Game
Fight at the bar
struggle in this tavern truckers most dangerous ...
Free Airport control Game
Airport control
You have to take care of shipment control at this airport ...
Free Restaurant Barbie 3 Game
Restaurant Barbie 3
barbie helps replenish and meet the people ...
Free Restaurants 3 Game
Restaurants 3
you have to serve your customers well enough to win tip and profits. ...
Free Coffee bar Game
Coffee bar
you have to take good care of the customers ...
Free Ranch Restaurant Game
Ranch Restaurant
jennifer has a restaurant in the middle of the Old West and needs ...
Free Bars Game
you are the owner of this spectacular bar where ...
Free Burguer 1 Game
Burguer 1
you have to attend to customers light otherwise ...
Free I have a job Game
I have a job
after taking resumes and resumes, ...
Free The waitress Game
The waitress
you#39;re in a fancy restaurant and your customers ...
Free Jerry restaurant Game
Jerry restaurant
jerry has saved money to open a restaurant ...
Free Disco in Ibiza Game
Disco in Ibiza
You are the owner of one of the most important ...
Free Hot dog restaurant Game
Hot dog restaurant
Help these girls lift this hot dog restaurant. first ...
Free Double burgers Game
Double burgers
You are working in a bar and have to serve ...
Free Smurf restaurant Game
Smurf restaurant
You have the only restaurant in the city Smurf ...
Free Rich pizza Game
Rich pizza
you have to take good care of getting customers ...
Free Fruit online slots Game
Fruit online slots
Thousands of prizes can be yours playing ...
Free Claudia burger Game
Claudia burger
Become the cook of this famous burger joint ...
Free Preparing pizzas Game
Preparing pizzas
If you are a true lover of pizzas ...
Free Create nightclub Game
Create nightclub
you are a new entrepreneur and your goal is to create ...
Free SpongeBob: Restaurant Game
SpongeBob: Restaurant
SpongeBob has control of the Krusty Krab and has to serve ...
Free Fast food at school Game
Fast food at school
you have to serve food to all students and teachers ...
Free Buying desserts Game
Buying desserts
Your restaurant serves the best desserts, it is a Sunday ...
Free The Sims DJ Game
The Sims DJ
Join the party of the Sims on a wild night ...
Free Create cocktail Game
Create cocktail
Play this mood where you have to create a delicious ...
Free Roulette slots online Game
Roulette slots online
Get the slot machine to give you prizes ...
Free Minions innkeeper Game
Minions innkeeper
Stuart has a new job and need help bartender ...
Free Virtual restaurant Game
Virtual restaurant
in this enterprising to won the lottery and has decided ...
Free Sims Dine Out Game
Sims Dine Out
Inaugurates the restaurant of the Sims so that the inhabitant ...
Free Restaurant dinosaur Game
Restaurant dinosaur
Dinosaurs are also entitled to enjoy delicacies ...
Free BBQ Restaurant Game
BBQ Restaurant
Heat the grill for when customers arrive you can serve ...
Free Barbie love cocktail served Game
Barbie love cocktail served
barbie wants to woo a boy preparing a cocktail ...
Free Spin to win: Slots Game
Spin to win: Slots
Play the slot machine bars and tries to triple ...
Free Mischief at the disco Game
Mischief at the disco
have a good time playing pranks on your friends ...


Bars Games

How to play bars free, no downloads

Games of bars you can prepare magical cocktails with which you can transform customers into monsters or Don Juans depending on how you prepare or as ingredients you use. There are hundreds of different combinations, each with a unique ability.

Also you can play pretend you're a gorgeous waitress and your job as obviously be bartending customers visiting the bar.

There is a very nice game where you're the worst bartender you could meet. You can not ever ask a cocktail that makes a cocktail of death !. It is a game where you have to find the right combination if you want to die when you're drinking the cup that you have prepared.

Play all the games there are bars and restaurants on the Internet. All those games you are looking for are here.

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