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You're a real spy internationally, you have to save the world and you can do so thanks to the intelligence agency for which you work. This super-secret agency will assign missions of vital importance to the security of the world, where no one must know your identity or who you work for.

Like any other secret agent number them with a good arsenal at your disposal, among which we find classic weapons of other secret agents as 007. You decide how you want to carry out missions and depending on it must choose one or other weapon, if you are looking for stealth you must choose white or silenced weapons. While if looking wreak havoc and instill fear among the enemies, good precision machine gun or rifle is what you want.

No doubt the highlight that has a good agent apart from his skill are your spy devices. These devices can accomplish almost anything, decipher encrypted passwords in seconds, turn off the lights of a building, electrocuting an enemy and many other possibilities.

Other missions are military in which you have to use your soldiers to end successfully this strategic operation. Go well armed and gets deeper into the rival camp to surprise and get an important victory in this war. You can enjoy all these missions both in company with 2 player mode, and solo. The important thing is that you bring out your success consigáis goal and win these games. Will you manage to finish all the missions successfully?

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