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Free Soldier number 11 Game
Soldier number 11
you are the only soldier left alive of your military ...
Free Elite Soldier: Jungle Game
Elite Soldier: Jungle
You have a dangerous mission in the deep jungle. ...
Free Fox on a mission Game
Fox on a mission
This fox mission is to reach the top of a cliff, ...
Free Mission on mars Game
Mission on mars
we have come to the planet mars to save our human ...
Free Mission at sea Game
Mission at sea
You#39;ve found a new job and you have to do everything ...
Free The robbery Game
The robbery
Learn to drive to drive a van with which ...

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Free Veronica in restricted area Game
Veronica in restricted area
you're a mole in a very restricted area with a large ...
Free Penguin: Mission Game
Penguin: Mission
you are fighting a penguin and you have to overcome ...
Free Brave Boy 2 Game
Brave Boy 2
this guy is super brave. It has a mission ...
Free Insurance hunter Game
Insurance hunter
Come in and get behind the wheel of this fantastic ...
Free Professional sniper Game
Professional sniper
In this game you will become an expert ...
Free Ben 10 maze Game
Ben 10 maze
Ben 10 has a new mission and this time, ...
Free Mafia Driver 3 Game
Mafia Driver 3
You are a member of the mafia and as such have to make different ...
Free The Strangers 4 Game
The Strangers 4
Deploy your commands on the battlefield, so that the terrorists ...
Free Mass mayhem zombie apocalypse Game
Mass mayhem zombie apocalypse
They have become the final day started and the non-living ...
Unity 3D
Free Lego City: My City 2 Game
Lego City: My City 2
Delve into the new adventures of Lego City with new characters ...
Free Mafia driver Game
Mafia driver
You've just been selected to enter a mafia, ...
Free Cavern run Game
Cavern run
The famous hero of the animated series Ben 10 has a new mission ...
Free Sniper: Tactical assassin Game
Sniper: Tactical assassin
Play another passionate sniper game where ...
Free Pou, gelatin Game
Pou, gelatin
The famous doll mobile game Pou has a great ...
Free Zombies in new york Game
Zombies in new york
a mad scientist has created a virus that turned ...
Free Against: mission in the snow Game
Against: mission in the snow
new missions playing against. you have to shoot ...
Unity 3D
Free 3D Mars Mission Game
3D Mars Mission
You have a new mission on Mars, you are sent with a squad ...
Free Pikachu Hero Game
Pikachu Hero
The faithful sidekick of Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon ...
Free Shots at midnight Game
Shots at midnight
An old friend has come to you to end a threat ...
Free Command 2 Game
Command 2
Command 2 brings you a great adventure ...
Free Call of duty operation Game
Call of duty operation
Again a game of first-person shooter in which ...
Free Skies of war Game
Skies of war
Here we bring you a fantastic adventure through ...
Free Insight: Sniper Game
Insight: Sniper
in your times you were one of the best in the game, ...
Free Monster Truck Trials Game
Monster Truck Trials
Manage this big food and do all the missions ...
Free Haters wars Game
Haters wars
great game of war where you have to make several ...
Free Adventures with the girl lost island Game
Adventures with the girl lost island
This adventurous girl called Loa and you have to help her in her mission ...
Free Kirby star scramble Game
Kirby star scramble
Kirby comes in a new adventure and needs ...
Free Decimated Game
If you like action and kill zombies, this will be your favorite ...
Free Lego Star Wars: The Awakening Force Game
Lego Star Wars: The Awakening Force
The return of Star Wars characters characterized as classic ...
Free Dora the Explorer: adventures in space Game
Dora the Explorer: adventures in space
Our friend Dora the Explorer has gone into space ...
Free Sniper Game
I#39;ve been hired to do the dirty work of the police ...
Free Sniper call of duty Game
Sniper call of duty
It is a sniper game and you have to complete ...
Free Gta Banditen Game
Gta Banditen
in this version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: ...
Free Naruto motorcycle mission Game
Naruto motorcycle mission
naruto helps to gather the witnesses ...
Free Mario Bros castaway Game
Mario Bros castaway
Mario Bros will star in this game but this time his mission ...
Free Captain america Game
Captain america
Captain America arrives in a new adventure ...
Free Star Wars: Rogue One Game
Star Wars: Rogue One
The last installment of Star Wars is Rogue ...


Assignments Games

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You're a real spy internationally, you have to save the world and you can do so thanks to the intelligence agency for which you work. This super-secret agency will assign missions of vital importance to the security of the world, where no one must know your identity or who you work for.

Like any other secret agent number them with a good arsenal at your disposal, among which we find classic weapons of other secret agents as 007. You decide how you want to carry out missions and depending on it must choose one or other weapon, if you are looking for stealth you must choose white or silenced weapons. While if looking wreak havoc and instill fear among the enemies, good precision machine gun or rifle is what you want.

No doubt the highlight that has a good agent apart from his skill are your spy devices. These devices can accomplish almost anything, decipher encrypted passwords in seconds, turn off the lights of a building, electrocuting an enemy and many other possibilities.

Other missions are military in which you have to use your soldiers to end successfully this strategic operation. Go well armed and gets deeper into the rival camp to surprise and get an important victory in this war. You can enjoy all these missions both in company with 2 player mode, and solo. The important thing is that you bring out your success consigáis goal and win these games. Will you manage to finish all the missions successfully?

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