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Free Anime Legends 2016 Game
Anime Legends 2016
Comes a new update Anime Legends ...
Free Anime Legends 24 Game
Anime Legends 24
Saiyans have had to increase their power ...
Free Anime Legends 2 Game
Anime Legends 2
We offer the second installment of Anime ...
Free Anime legends Game
Anime legends
Great fighting game with anime characters ...

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Free Fairy tail Game
Fairy tail
the deadliest tournament returns to your screen ...
Free Goku anime Game
Goku anime
Play another fun game with many more characters Goku. ...
Free Create Hatsune Miku Game
Create Hatsune Miku
With the creator of characters you can create ...
Free Black Goku Rose vs Vegeta SSJ God: Puzzle Game
Black Goku Rose vs Vegeta SSJ God: Puzzle
Black Rose Goku is about to fight Vegeta ...
Unity 3D
Free Pokémon online NTX Game
Pokémon online NTX
Fill the Pokédex with the Pokémon NTX online, ...
Free Yo-Kai Watch Jigsaw Game
Yo-Kai Watch Jigsaw
Only the most skilled players will dare to complete ...
Free Paint Pokémon Go Game
Paint Pokémon Go
With the game Pokemon Go paint you'll have a good time and coloring ...
Free Pokemon Go Home Game
Pokemon Go Home
The trick is to capture Pokémon corner ...
Free Pokémon rescue Game
Pokémon rescue
Rescue all the Pokémon with Pikachu and Ash in a platform ...
Free Goku Tetris Game
Goku Tetris
You dare with Goku's tetris. Now you can play Goku's ...
Free Shugo Chara! Bomberman Game
Shugo Chara! Bomberman
Hinamori Amu must confront the guards of the Seiyo ...
Free Miku Hatsune Game
Miku Hatsune
Today we are going to offer the voice ...
Free Naruto Online Game
Naruto Online
Get Hokage control by winning epic battles ...
Free Knights of the Zodiac Game
Knights of the Zodiac
you remember the knights of the zodiac, because ...
Free Coloring Vegeta SSJ God: Dragon Ball Game
Coloring Vegeta SSJ God: Dragon Ball
Black Vegeta is fighting Goku and it is almost ...
Free Vaporeon to paint Game
Vaporeon to paint
Vaporeon Pokémon water is one of the most powerful ...
Free Saiyan coloring online Game
Saiyan coloring online
Now you can color the Super Saiyan Dragon ...
Free Create Girls Anime Game
Create Girls Anime
Create Girls Anime with this game to create ...
Free One Piece bloodless Game
One Piece bloodless
One Piece without blood is a fighting ...
Free Pikachu vs Virus Game
Pikachu vs Virus
Pokemon helps to retrieve the boxes ...
Free Dragon ball animation Game
Dragon ball animation
We know that Dragon Ball as much as the years ...
Free Save the Pokémon from the gallows Game
Save the Pokémon from the gallows
Team Rocket to all Pokémon kidnapped and tied them to the gallows. ...
Free Pokémon poke defense center Game
Pokémon poke defense center
In this game of Pokémon you have to kill all the villains ...
Free Crazy zombie 2 crossing heroes Game
Crazy zombie 2 crossing heroes
choose your favorite character as can be goku dragon ...
Free Pokemon: tank battles Game
Pokemon: tank battles
enter the battle with pokemon battle ...
Free Pokemon online Game
Pokemon online
great pokemon game where this time you'll ...
Free Comic star fighting 3.6 Game
Comic star fighting 3.6
returns the next installment of comic star fighting ...
Free The Anime World Game
The Anime World
Enter the world of Anime where ...
Free Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 1.1 Game
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 1.1
Goku is small and has to fight with all the tyrants ...
Free Anime Solitaire Game
Anime Solitaire
Now if you can enjoy the lonely spider ...
Free Warrior Girl Dress Up Game
Warrior Girl Dress Up
The warrior princess needs to change ...
Free Haruhi Suzumiya Dress up Game
Haruhi Suzumiya Dress up
Haruhi Suzumiya needs to change ...
Free Dress the Sailor Moon Game
Dress the Sailor Moon
The girls of Sailor Moon are waiting for you to choose ...
Free Dragon ball high time Game
Dragon ball high time
Today we will share in the adventures of Goku in search ...
Free Dress up Chaos Dragon Ball Game
Dress up Chaos Dragon Ball
Chaos will have to rediscover his best friend ...
Free Evil Pikachu rampage Game
Evil Pikachu rampage
Pikachu is to become bad and to heal must destroy ...
Free Legendary pokémon Game
Legendary pokémon
vive another frantic adventure in the world ...
Free Red riding hood manga Game
Red riding hood manga
the new red riding hood must be mounted ...
Free Pikachu platforms Game
Pikachu platforms
move with pikachu to collect all the apples ...
Free Sasuke vs itachi Game
Sasuke vs itachi
are you prepared for the fight between sasuke ...
Free Dragon ball winter Game
Dragon ball winter
goku needs to find all the magic to make a wish but can not find much snow balls. ...
Free Dressing the princess bubble gum Game
Dressing the princess bubble gum
princess bubble gum is very nervous because ...
Free Back to school Game
Back to school
this girl you see in the picture is called ...
Free Yo-Kay Watch: Camouflaged Stars Game
Yo-Kay Watch: Camouflaged Stars
The stars have camouflaged themselves in the images ...
Free Doraemon Memory Game
Doraemon Memory
Train your memory with the game Doraemon Memory, ...
Free Dragon Ball Quest Game
Dragon Ball Quest
Do you know who the creator of Dragon ...
Free Dragon ball Broly saga 3 Game
Dragon ball Broly saga 3
A new animated video for the tireless fans of anime ...
Free Dress up Gohan Game
Dress up Gohan
Help Gohan the son of Goku to dress ...
Free Zamas to paint Game
Zamas to paint
Zamas paints Dragon Ball Super ...
Free Goku vs Majin Buu coloring Game
Goku vs Majin Buu coloring
Goku is faced Majin Buu fat in a close ...
Free Sonic Boom: Amy Rose Dress up Game
Sonic Boom: Amy Rose Dress up
Create a new Amy Rose Sonic Boom for an easy and fun way. With this game you can dress ...
Free Dragon Ball super Adventure Game
Dragon Ball super Adventure
Play another fun game of DBZ, this time Goku will have to move with the child ...
Free Dragonball Z Pong Game
Dragonball Z Pong
The stars of this game are characters from the hit anime ...
Free Creator of Naruto characters Game
Creator of Naruto characters
Want to see a new face on the series ...
Free Avatar, escapes with the elements Game
Avatar, escapes with the elements
studied the territory that you have around and uses the characters ...
Free Bleach vs Naruto v2.3 Game
Bleach vs Naruto v2.3
Join the struggle with the character Naruto series. ...

Anime Legends

Anime Legends Games

How to play Anime Legends free, no downloads

This time the player has the possibility to move freely with the legendary heroes of the world Anime in tremendous battles. Choose your favorite character and fight enemies with new fictional martial arts skills, use swords or devastating super attacks like the kame hame ha of Goku and his Saiyan friends.

Create your own Anime adventure fighting the most powerful heroes in this fictional world. Learn new combat skills to beat your opponents well. If you prefer you can play in 2 players mode, where you have the opportunity to play against your best friends.

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