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The game only plays in an unsafe URL

To play the game, you must visit the external URL at your own risk.
It does not contain viruses, but if you are going to send personal data, they are not safe.
How to play

Play for free: Youtubers Life Online

Now you can take a life of youtuber with this online simulator that lets you create videos and accumulate million subscribers. YouTube simulators have become very popular in the network and today we offer a totally free to play online. Use your computer to create videos, agree collaborations, edit to improve the quality of your videos and go up on YouTube. You can go out looking for new things to put in your channel, go to work to get money and much more. Choose whether you want to join the game youtubers, fashion, entertainment or any other category and start your adventure on YouTube.

Controls to play

player 1Click ratón select,

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