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Lionel Messi smashing

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Lionel Messi smashing Game

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In this game you will get into the skin of one of the best soccer players in history, Lionel Messi. Barca player is in front of goal and will receive a pass on the edge of the area and no defender to prevent tick. His only barrier will be the goalkeeper and the ball trying to finish at the end of the network. Accounts with a certain number of balls to finish and to score. With every ball entering the goal you'll get points that allow you to reach the target score and achieve the next level. Every time demands more and go to the chance of failure will be reduced. Move to Messi on the edge of the area and volleys the ball when shooting in your area. Will you manage to score as many goals? Come in and find out.

Controls to play

player 1 cursores move, _space hitting

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