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The last stand city

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The last stand city Game

  • The last stand city
  • The last stand city
  • The last stand city
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How to play

How to play The last stand city free, no downloads

Another adventure against zombies is about to start and just missing you so that you carry out. Create your character, give a custom look, choose their profession and their skills. Once you do start the introduction to adventure. Our character will quietly with his car when suddenly hits something and crashes his car. On regaining consciousness he realizes that your car is broken and that with which crashed was something like a person. The first thing you need to do is to equip your car and everything inside, mostly it comes to weapons. Then you must find the way to take you back to the city and discover it's happening. Discover all the secrets of this adventure and struggle for survival!

Controls to play

player 1 teclas move, Click ratón shoot, espacio hitting, key e select,

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