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Caring baby elephants

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Caring baby elephants Game

  • Caring baby elephants
  • Caring baby elephants
  • Caring baby elephants
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Having an elephant and take care of it is something that can not be done every day, unless you come to play this great game. Enjoy it while give the best care to these young elephant who need your help to be in the best conditions. Choose the one you like and start by giving a bath to remove all dirt that have accumulated during the day. Rub with soap, pour water and dry so that is perfectly clean. Then it is the turn of comb and feed our new pet. Before decorating our breeding, we will give an injection since it is something sick. Once finished, it's time to put complements our elephant to make it look very handsome. Choose an ornament for the head, a cloak for his body and jewels for his leg. Already we ready for our breeding!

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player 1 Click ratón select,

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