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Ace Revenge 2: Stickman

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Ace Revenge 2: Stickman Game

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How to play

How to play Ace Revenge 2: Stickman free, no downloads

Revenge is a fantastic ace shooter where you have to beat all enemies who are on the other side. Aim and shoot the rival gang, considering that if you shoot the head dies before if you do the body. Beware shots rivals do not end your life before you. To collect the weapon has released a rival you should shoot it and you and you can use it. Moreover accounts that can throw grenades using your space bar and you will kill more than one enemy the same time. Survive as long as possible and continue the way to find the end. Make Ace get his revenge and finish with each and every one of his enemies.

Controls to play

player 1 Click ratón shoot, espacio grenades

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