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Free Sonic Cross Game
Sonic Cross
The evil Dr Eggman has injured Sonic and now can not walk, ...
Free Sonic RPG 7 Game
Sonic RPG 7
Sonic is back with a new adventure with his friends ...
Free Sonic flahs Game
Sonic flahs
With this game we travel in time with our friend ...
Free Sonic and Tails Game
Sonic and Tails
In this game you have to think how you can sonic ...
Free Sonic 6 Game
Sonic 6
Step into the shoes of our friend Sonic to overcome ...
Free Sonic jumps to the stars Game
Sonic jumps to the stars
Sonic wants you to play with jumping stars. ...
Free Adventures with tails Game
Adventures with tails
Fial tails is the sonic companion. in this adventure, ...
Free Sonic surfing Game
Sonic surfing
surfs with sonic and get the highest possible ...
Free Sonic jumping Game
Sonic jumping
Sonic returns to play a new game to jump on different ...
Free By sonic clouds Game
By sonic clouds
our dear friend sonic had to buy a spaceship ...
Free Adventure of sonic Game
Adventure of sonic
Sonic arrives with a new mission to carry ...
Free Sonic Slide Game
Sonic Slide
Here's a sonic puzzle to reconstruct ...
Free Sonic kart Game
Sonic kart
Sonic returns to participate in the great ...
Free Sonic crazy world Game
Sonic crazy world
live another fun adventure with sonic in a new world ...
Free Sonic in angel island Game
Sonic in angel island
Sonic is on an island of the Angels and has to defeat ...
Free Roadrunners sonic Game
Roadrunners sonic
new sonic adventure, the most famous hedgehog ...
Free Sonic ninja motorcycle Game
Sonic ninja motorcycle
interact with our friend sonic on a motorcycle ...
Free Sonic flash Game
Sonic flash
Funny Sonic game where you have to play a new adventure. ...
Free Sonic saves mario Game
Sonic saves mario
mario has suffered a terrible accident ...
Free Sonic: PWC Game
Sonic: PWC
play this cool sonic game riding his new jet ski where ...
Free Sonic motorcycle on Halloween night Game
Sonic motorcycle on Halloween night
Sonic must collect all the halloween pumpkins ...
Free Sonic jet ski Game
Sonic jet ski
our friend Sonic has a new jet ski and want to have fun with you giving ...
Free Sonic under the sea Game
Sonic under the sea
our friend Sonic has been submerged under ...
Free Sonic Boom Game
Sonic Boom
Run with the blue hedgehog the most dangerous ...
Free Tails Game
we have a serious problem, our friend Sonic ...
Free Super sonic click Game
Super sonic click
Sonic has become Super Sonic, ...
Free Sonic racer Game
Sonic racer
If you like racing fan and are known ...
Free Sonic tetris Game
Sonic tetris
Today we bring you a classic, or rather ...
Free Dress up sonic Game
Dress up sonic
The creator of Sonic sonic you can dress ...
Free Sonic demo Game
Sonic demo
Sonic let's not forget a classic ...
Free Sonic Classic Game
Sonic Classic
Very good Sonic game where you should spend ...
Free Sonic rocket Game
Sonic rocket
Sonic must win the race rocket and you have to help steer ...
Free Sonic exe 2 Game
Sonic exe 2
Brings out the dark side of Sonic to face the worst ...
Free Final fantasy sonic x2 Game
Final fantasy sonic x2
The second part of the Final Fantasy Sonic ...
Free Sonic on Angel Island Game
Sonic on Angel Island
Sonic arrives in a new installment in which ...
Free Sonic platform Game
Sonic platform
Sonic brings us another of his adventures ...
Free Green Sonic Game
Green Sonic
Play this version of Sonic much like the Mega Drive ...
Free Sonic Mania Game
Sonic Mania
Sonic Mania comes to our site with this fantastic ...
Free Sonic motorcycle Game
Sonic motorcycle
Sonic is tired of running and bought ...
Free Shadow X Game
Shadow X
The powerful Ivo Robotnik has crado a terrifying ...


Sonic Games

How to play sonic free, no downloads

Sonic's popularity has led to countless games since its creation by Sega. Apart from its many games alone, with his friends, he has triumphed at the Olympic Games against Mario Bros. He also starred in several series of animation until now has been released Sonic Boom, a new version of our character. The world's fastest blue hedgehog is able to go faster than a missile and fight the evil Dr. Robotnik animals to save the planet from extinction. But not only that because this particular heroic hedgehog has an adventurous spirit that will constantly travel the world in search of new adventures.

Even when it is facing the evil robots doctor does with a smile as she loves strong emotions. Although his assistant Tails is the opposite, with a worried air faces situations with an initial fear although able to use all its value if the situation requires.

Tails is a fox two-tailed high intelligence, so becomes an inventor can create the most advanced machines and ships. It is also able to fight melee as sonic and although not as fast can fly using its two tails like a helicopter. Join these two furry heroes in saving the animal world and Dr. Robotnik fighting.

Sonic Boom wheel destroying all the traps of Dr Eggman. Collect gold rings without the villain can catch Eggman Sonic Boom. Fights or challenges facing our friend against Mario, Shadow and many more characters.

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