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Free Van helsing vs skeletons Game
Van helsing vs skeletons
van helsing needs your help to kill the skeletons ...
Free Run in hell Game
Run in hell
This skeleton has to cross the hell running and dodging ...
Free Rabbit skeletal Game
Rabbit skeletal
This little rabbit skeletal, has regained ...
Free The dungeon forgotten Game
The dungeon forgotten
rpg great game where you need to explore the map to find the forgotten ...
Free Esqueletor Game
you have become a living skeleton and your mission ...
Free Halloween head Game
Halloween head
In this game you have to put the skull in the headless ...
Free Extermination of skeletons Game
Extermination of skeletons
Extermination of skeletons is a fun game where you have to get rid of all the skulls ...
Free Catacombs of hell Game
Catacombs of hell
dig into the catacombs of hell to steal the artifact ...
Free Eating fish skeletons Game
Eating fish skeletons
you are a cute kitten, a hungry cat that goes out looking ...

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Free Kung fu panda vs skeleton king Game
Kung fu panda vs skeleton king
He lives an exciting panda kung fu fighting against ...
Free The human body Game
The human body
Show your friends what you know about the parts of the human body. Choose ...
Free Seum: Extreme Parkour in Hell Game
Seum: Extreme Parkour in Hell
Seum is a mini-game of running in hell, you must overcome ...
Free Defend your citadel Game
Defend your citadel
you have to defend your tree acorns. first you start with a bow but when you finish ...
Free Iron maiden: a matter of life and death Game
Iron maiden: a matter of life and death
The apocalypse has come to this city and members ...
Free Disney, pirates of the caribbean Game
Disney, pirates of the caribbean
have fun with this fantastic game of the real movie Pirates ...
Free The halloween biker Game
The halloween biker
ride the scariest bike to begin a new journey ...
Free Dungeons Game
In this game you have to pick your most desired ...
Free Freddy's Nightmares Game
Freddy's Nightmares
This guy spends a lot of time playing ...
Free The fight skeletons Game
The fight skeletons
In this fighting game youll face a fighter ...
Free Van Helsing the monster hunter Game
Van Helsing the monster hunter
Van Helsing the monster hunter has to face an army of skeletons ...
Free Defends the royal castle Game
Defends the royal castle
To go to war you need a good strategy ...
Free Run you kill Game
Run you kill
you are in the basement where there is a huge creature ...
Free Cyber ​​zelda Game
Cyber ​​zelda
zelda has a new armor and new attacks, ...
Free Kings Island 2 Game
Kings Island 2
for being a bad person you were sent to hell to cleanse ...
Free Vikings vs angry ogres Game
Vikings vs angry ogres
in the era of the Vikings underworld beings kidnap ...
Free Desert ambush Game
Desert ambush
your army has been caught by dark forces ...
Free The fright before christmas Game
The fright before christmas
On the night before Christmas held a series ...

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It gives life to these human skeletons and achieves its goal in each of the games. You must handle these creatures or confront them as the game, either way you should be armed with the best to win.

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Skeletons Games

How to play skeletons free, no downloads
The skeletons of ancestors come alive again thanks to the powerful spell of an evil wizard, now this magician has the army you need to destroy the kingdom once and for all.
To avoid the destruction of the kingdom the king ordered his knights to fight this army of undead and kill the magician, they all perished without remedy. Now the only hope of the kingdom resides in you, a young apprentice knight and the last of the guardians of the kingdom.
Now it's time to test your skills and improve them in the battlefield, you have to be able to defeat each skeleton to appear before you as the future of the kingdom depends on you. You'll find a wide variety of enemies, as some skeletons will be armed with swords and shields, while others will throw arrows from a distance. If all this seems simple, we can say that as we get closer to the magician his power will be even stronger and his subjects get special abilities that will not hesitate to use.
But you can also become one of those human skeletons returning from the grave to fulfill a mission that left unfinished in life. It is time to take revenge on people who hurt you in the past. You must resolve all matters in life left to continue resting in peace in the grave. Defeat all your enemies and get your skeleton go quiet to the afterlife.
Enjoy these skeletons games we have collected for you in this section. You must build your best to beat your rivals and achieve victory in each of them. Do not miss this great opportunity to have fun with these great games we offer and live exciting adventures with these terrifying creatures.