free The simpsons Games

free The simpsons Games

The Simpson family is the star of the hit animated series. It is composed by Homer and Marge Simpson, and their children Lisa, Bart and Maggie and live in a nice neighborhood of Springfield. Help these characters in their adventures and challenges.

The simpsons Games

Free Create simpsons characters Game
Create simpsons characters
Would you like to make your favorite character? simpsons ...
Free The simpsons typing Game
The simpsons typing
With this game you can improve your typing, ...
Free Simpson equalities Game
Simpson equalities
In this game the Simpsons have to find all equalities ...
Free Simpson family puzzle Game
Simpson family puzzle
complete all simpson family puzzle ...
Free Simpsons the of death Game
Simpsons the of death
homer must be mounted on your bike and into the damn cage. ...
Free Simpsons: Family puzzle Game
Simpsons: Family puzzle
The Simpson whole family have been vacationing ...
Free Draw the simpsons Game
Draw the simpsons
Attention to this game that will give you some great ...
Free Guess Who? The Simpsons Game
Guess Who? The Simpsons
Who is who?. Now the player can play who's ...
Free The magic ball simpsons Game
The magic ball simpsons
The game consists in remembering the order in which ...
Free Itchy and Scratchy Game
Itchy and Scratchy
Sure you've always wanted to feel like Bart and Lisa Simpsons ...
Free The Simpson click point Game
The Simpson click point
At this point click game you have to search ...
Free Simpsons puzzle Game
Simpsons puzzle
Passionate of puzzle games? in this game you can do a puzzle ...
Free Dress the Simpsons Game
Dress the Simpsons
In this game you can change clothes to all the Simpson ...
Free Simpsons puzzles Game
Simpsons puzzles
if you like puzzle games this game for sure that you like because ...
Free Puzzle of the simpson Game
Puzzle of the simpson
enjoy this unique puzzle form of Simpson. ...
Free 9 puzzles simpsons Game
9 puzzles simpsons
Homer Simpson wants to create ...
Free The simpson: hidden stars Game
The simpson: hidden stars
In this game the Simpsons have to find all the hidden ...
Free Aim with The Simpsons shooter Game
Aim with The Simpsons shooter
Another new game whose protagonists are the famous ...
Free Bart simpson and the pig Game
Bart simpson and the pig
play this new episode of the simpsons where ...
Free Simpsons arcade Game
Simpsons arcade
aim and shoot the thugs of the city of springfield. ...
Free Simpson race bike Game
Simpson race bike
simpson want to spend their free time doing ...
Free Aim with the simpsons: you fight with snowballs Game
Aim with the simpsons: you fight with snowballs
Here is a Christmas game whose main characters ...
Free Bart vs Space Mutants Game
Bart vs Space Mutants
Bart Simpson has to face the space mutant ...
Free Simpsons: hidden letters Game
Simpsons: hidden letters
pay close attention to this drawing of the television ...
Free Krusty the clown Game
Krusty the clown
krusty the clown is in the vegas riding ...
Free The simpsons in the world of mario bros Game
The simpsons in the world of mario bros
Starts choosing Odyssey Homer ...
Free Simpsons homer by car: parking Game
Simpsons homer by car: parking
Play this fun game where you have to homer ...
Free Shot with shotgun: springfield vs zombies Game
Shot with shotgun: springfield vs zombies
you have received a letter that says: We have a zombie ...
Free Slaughter of bart simpson Game
Slaughter of bart simpson
bart simpson is to determined to kill all the inhabitants ...
Free The Simpsons: parking Game
The Simpsons: parking
homer simpson have to park your car in the right ...
Free Simpson looks for hidden objects Game
Simpson looks for hidden objects
in this fun Hidden Object game you can view unpublished ...
Free Simpsons, donuts pong Game
Simpsons, donuts pong
Play this fun game of the Simpsons where Homer ...
Free Flanders kill six Game
Flanders kill six
plays another exciting game of the Simpsons ...
Free The Simpsons: Homer and Marge Puzzle Game
The Simpsons: Homer and Marge Puzzle
a good time ordering this fun puzzle simpson homer ...
Free Simpson against Mr. Mole Game
Simpson against Mr. Mole
pay attention and hit the mole with the hammer. ...

the simpsons

The simpsons Games

How to play the simpsons free, no downloads

The craziest family of American television has its own name and are The Simpsons. The long-running animated series of American television comes to our site to make you enjoy new and amazing adventures in which will be involved members of this family. The head of the family is Homer or Homer Simpson, a slightly overweight man and something short of mind. Nothing that happens goes well and is always getting in trouble. Bummer and clumsy are the characteristics that best define the figure of Homer as in its many chapters will contrive to work as little as possible in the Springfield nuclear plant. His wife is called Marge and is the typical housewife with a very distinctive blue hair. Both have three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Bart is the eldest child, ten years old and an incredible magnet for problems. He does not like school and his only motivation to go is to annoy the director Skinner. His best friend is Milhouse a clumsy guy with glasses who always need to be saving problems. Krusty the Clown loves having his own television show that Bart is engaged. Another of his favorite programs, and enjoys with her sister, is Itchy and Scratchy starring a cat and a mouse are always very violent killing.

Lisa is mediated family, is eight years if he behaves more mature than his older brother shape. It is obsessed with going to school, learn and get good grades. It's a great activist of nature and animals, and his other great passion is music. He plays the saxophone and is willing to go to college. Milhouse is in love with her but Lisa only has time for her studies and become someone important in the future.

Maggie is the smallest, is still a baby and can not speak. The way they communicate is through her pacifier sucking and makes noises with it. It is a very good girl but would comment that in a chapter comes to shoot Mr. Burns, the richest head of his father and the man in Springfield. The family is completed by two pets, a dog named little helper Santa Claus and cat Snowball II, as the first died. They were joined by around a crazy neighborhood Springfield ranging from co-workers, teachers, family friends, movie stars and local television, etc.

All these characters are going to have a gap in our page with many free games Simpsons. In some of them you see their players using weapons, driving vehicles and fleeing maniacs. This is the case of the games Saw Simpsons, in which the evil Pigsaw will hijack the whole family separately in different games, and you must help them escape. We also have games and dress the Simpsons is that this family is always dressed in the same way, except on special occasions like when they go to church and Sunday clothes are made. Many stories will revolve around this family on many adventures that you must live with them. Do not wait and join the madness of the Simpsons!

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