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Free Sonic and his girlfriend travel by bike Game
Sonic and his girlfriend travel by bike
Sonic and his girlfriend want to live in a warmer ...
Free Sonic 4 Game
Sonic 4
playing another fun game of Sonic. In this game you can choose ...
Free Sonic crazy world 2 Game
Sonic crazy world 2
Play this game a little different from the rest. Sonic`s ...

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Free Sonic flahs Game
Sonic flahs
With this game we travel in time with our friend ...
Free Sonic nintendo Game
Sonic nintendo
This game is like a simulation and you will believe ...
Free Sonic exe 2 Game
Sonic exe 2
Brings out the dark side of Sonic to face the worst enemies ...
Free Sonic 6 Game
Sonic 6
Step into the shoes of our friend Sonic to overcome ...
Free Sonic jumps to the stars Game
Sonic jumps to the stars
Sonic wants you to play with jumping stars. you have to jump from star to star until the end of the screen, ...
Free Sonic jumping Game
Sonic jumping
Sonic returns to play a new game to jump on different ...
Free Adventure of sonic Game
Adventure of sonic
Sonic arrives with a new mission to carry out and need your help to get it. As usual, ...
Free Launch of sonic Game
Launch of sonic
sonic used in a shuttle to destroy all the robots ...
Free Sonic crazy world Game
Sonic crazy world
live another fun adventure with sonic in a new world where there are thousands ...
Free Sonic motocross Game
Sonic motocross
our friend sonic has changed his shoes for a motocross ...
Free Sonic in angel island Game
Sonic in angel island
Sonic is on an island of the Angels and has to defeat ...
Free Shadow X Game
Shadow X
The powerful Ivo Robotnik has crado a terrifying robots ...
Free Sonic finds love Game
Sonic finds love
in this sonic game you have to find his new girlfriend ...
Free Sonic saves mario Game
Sonic saves mario
mario has suffered a terrible accident and is fighting ...
Free Sonic: PWC Game
Sonic: PWC
play this cool sonic game riding his new jet ski where you need to run full speed and jump ramps impressive. ...
Free Sonic motorcycle on Halloween night Game
Sonic motorcycle on Halloween night
Sonic must collect all the halloween pumpkins city before ...
Free Sonic boom cannon 3d Game
Sonic boom cannon 3d
Sonic returns in a new fun game in which you must reach a long distance ...
Free Ultimate sonic Game
Ultimate sonic
The famous character Sonic offers us one of his thrilling ...
Free Sonic tetris Game
Sonic tetris
Today we bring you a classic, or rather ...
Free Dress up sonic Game
Dress up sonic
The creator of Sonic sonic you can dress in the clothes ...
Free Sonic demo Game
Sonic demo
Sonic lets not forget a classic of classics ...
Free Sonic Classic Game
Sonic Classic
Very good Sonic game where you should spend your screen ...
Free Sonic rocket Game
Sonic rocket
Sonic must win the race rocket and you have to help steer the rocket. ...
Free Sonic x Game
Sonic x
Test your visual skills with this fantastic game whose hero is Sonic and all his friends. ...
Free Sonic: 3d snow races Game
Sonic: 3d snow races
Sonic is back with his car to perform ...
Free Sonic on Angel Island Game
Sonic on Angel Island
Sonic arrives in a new installment in which you must complete ...
Free Sonic mahjong Game
Sonic mahjong
The classic game Mahjong comes in a new version ...
Free Green Sonic Game
Green Sonic
Play this version of Sonic much like the Mega Drive version. ...
Free Sonic Mania Game
Sonic Mania
Sonic Mania comes to our site with this fantastic ...
Free Sonic motorcycle Game
Sonic motorcycle
Sonic is tired of running and bought a motorcycle ...
Free Sonic stars race 2 Game
Sonic stars race 2
Sonic is tired of shooting and running on his adventures ...
Free Sonic snowboarding Game
Sonic snowboarding
This time Sonic will catch the snow board and become ...
Free Football: mario vs sonic Game
Football: mario vs sonic
mario and sonic want to spend their free time playing ...
Free Sonic xtremer Game
Sonic xtremer
Our friend Sonic has new levels for you to enjoy them and continue ...
Free Sonic assault Game
Sonic assault
Sonic is tired of winning battles Robotnick always ...
Free Sonic designer Game
Sonic designer
Pinta Sonic, the blue hedgehog famous console ...
Free Sonic sega Game
Sonic sega
Here is the full version of Sonic Mega same as the drive, ...

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One of the biggest game companies of all time has captured the hearts of gamers since its inception, SEGA talk about reaching our homes with Mega Drive console and its main hero Sonic. This blue hedgehog was able to captivate the audience with his great skills as it is the hedgehog msrpido planet Mobius and defends animals tyranny of the evil Doctor Robotnik. This evil scientist hates animals and wants to turn everything into a robtico world, so it captures these cute animals to become robots. Sonic will run full speed and winding with blows with these robots to face Robotnik once and for all. Although not the only major title that we have seen in Sega platforms over the years, as they have a variety of adventures that marked a before and after in video games. Perhaps some remember the travels of a brave knight who fought against the undead and monsters ms allpara achieve save his kingdom.