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Free The Minions hunt monsters Game
The Minions hunt monsters
Gru has sent the Minions to hunt three monsters ...
Free Gru, throw me to the moon Game
Gru, throw me to the moon
Gru villains henchmen arrive in a new mini-game ...
Free Minions jump rope Game
Minions jump rope
Play the game Minions to jump rope or others ...
For mobile
Free The minons hidden Pets: Puzzle Game
The minons hidden Pets: Puzzle
Complete the puzzle Minions hidden ...
Free Minions save Game
Minions save
The Minions need your help urgently to save themselves ...
Free Minion at the hairdresser Game
Minion at the hairdresser
Today visit the hairdressers minions most famous of recent ...
Free Barbershop for Minions Game
Barbershop for Minions
Our friend minion has been a very special ...
Free Despicable Me 2: dress up minion Game
Despicable Me 2: dress up minion
Once again we bring you a minigame with funny movie minions ...
Free Minions Movie Sliding Puzzle Game
Minions Movie Sliding Puzzle
Do you dare to complete all slide puzzles ...
Free Minions Arkanoid Game
Minions Arkanoid
Now you can play with Minions to Arkanoid ...
Free Minions Match It Game
Minions Match It
Have a good time playing this fun game Minions. ...
Free Minions clean house Game
Minions clean house
social services have telephoned to visit the house of gru that have reported ...
Free The minions Game
The minions
the minions want to reach the moon jumping ...
Free Minion on the island of adventure Game
Minion on the island of adventure
this minion you see in the picture has decided ...
Free The minions fire Game
The minions fire
With high summer temperatures have produced terrible ...
Free Minions, double adventure Game
Minions, double adventure
the minions are lost and need your help against ...
Free Minion, parking Game
Minion, parking
minion needs your help to help him control ...
Free Minion is plumber Game
Minion is plumber
the city is flooded because someone has left open the valve of the pipe now have to interact ...
Free Minions barrel Game
Minions barrel
Use the cannon to launch the minions into the clouds ...
Free Grooming salon Minions Game
Grooming salon Minions
Move to the toilet only room for grooming ...
Free Minion emergency Game
Minion emergency
Famous minions are in trouble and you have to help them. Known assistants ...
Free Minions wedding Game
Minions wedding
The Minions are seeking the greatest happiness ...
Free Minons Bros World 2 Game
Minons Bros World 2
Play the second installment of the Minions in the world of Mario Bros. New enemies ...
Free Creating Minions Game
Creating Minions
Now you can customize your Minions with this fun game to create ...
Free Minions creator Game
Minions creator
In this fun game of Minions you can create ...
Free Minion kiss love Game
Minion kiss love
The Minions have come to the city of Orlando ...
Free Minions learning in the classroom Game
Minions learning in the classroom
The Minions Dave needs to regain fitness classes ...
Free Minion on rocket Game
Minion on rocket
a minion is inside a volcano and now has to go full speed in a rocket ...
Free Minions: motorcycle racing Game
Minions: motorcycle racing
exciting racing motocross bikes where minions ...
Free Color the Minions Game
Color the Minions
Have a good time coloring the minions with the colors ...
Free Baby Minion at the doctor urgently Game
Baby Minion at the doctor urgently
this baby minion has suffered a terrible accident ...
Free Minion hospital Game
Minion hospital
the minion has made another of his and one of them has suffered ...
Free Minions go go go Game
Minions go go go
Play another fun game where you have to travel ...
Free Minions Parking Game
Minions Parking
The Minions will HOLIDAY to London and needs your help you help him drive the car where they travel. ...
Free Minion way Game
Minion way
Again villain Grus minions are the protagonists of a minigame ...

Enjoy the fun characters of the Minions in these online games. Games for kids Minions, Minions in the kitchen and many more titles to follow the adventures of these lovable creatures.

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Minions Games

How to play minions free, no downloads
The minions are small yellow creatures, each with their own hair, height, eyes that make them something different from the rest of his kind. His favorite food is fruit and among them love the banana, one of the few words we can understand his strange dialect. They shot to fame with the film produced by Universal Studios Gru, my favorite villain being the servants of the protagonist, Gru, an evil that has very evil plans to steal the moon which has an army of these creatures. It was both the success of these characters a kind of spin-off film on them in 2015 to be entitled the name of these characters, The Minions be created.

That film helped us learn much more about them since we discovered that have existed since the beginning of time and his goal in life was to find a villain to serve. On a long journey through history we discover that the minions were the servants of a dinosaur, a caveman, a pharaoh and even such important figures as Dracula or Napoleon. After all his failures as hampering rather than helping their masters decide to put land in between and hide in Antarctica. There will be three minions adventurers who decide to end this situation and embark on a journey in search of the greatest villain of the moment to become his henchmen. The film achieved great success at the box office to become the second most visited animated film in theaters in history.

For these reasons, we decided to create a specific section for everything related to these characters shaped yellow pill and dressed in overalls and goggles. Here you can find fun games to continue enjoying the minions ad nauseum. You will embark on adventures with them, you can create your own minion, minions coloring, sports, performing careers, caring for babies minions and learn with them, etc. We have many games that you can spend entertaining hours of fun with these lovers of bananas. If you are one of the biggest fans of these adorable characters this category is created for you, so you do not lose everything that we have collected about them and what is to come.